Neopet Stack

3 Red Bori

3 Blue Bori

3 Red Pteri

1 Yellow Pteri


Items (20)

2 Grimore of Thade

3 The Thieves’ Code

3 Beyond Neopia

2 Hidden Tower Secrets

1 Green Negg

1 Yellow Negg

1 Blue Negg

2 Speckled Negg

2 Happy Negg

3 Striped Negg


Equipment (0)


Random Events, Fates & Locations (14)

3 Battle Stations

3 Warf Rescue Team

2 Traveling Library

3 Cleansing Flames

3 Healing Springs


Exp. Pets, Villains, & Heroes (6)

3 Bori Miner

3 Rainbow Pteri


The entire point of this deck is to bank as much as humanly possible before you end your turn.  This can be accomplished be using the abilities of Bori Miner and Rainbow Pteri.  You’re going to be discarding a lot of cards due to Bori Miner’s effect, so lots of draw power and recursion has been added into this deck.


You should bank books first, letting you draw lot of cards, therefore giving you lots of options.  Afterwards, use Cleansing Flames to replace the books with neggs, turning what could have been books that were only worth 4 points all together into neggs that are worth 16 points all together (assuming that you’ve banked Yellow negg, Blue Negg, Green Negg, and Striped Negg).  You’re probably thinking, “why put in 1 copy of Blue, Yellow, and Green Neggs?”  The reason is because of Intimidate.  If the opponent thinks if he can get rid of those Neggs, he has another thing coming.


The only weakness I can find in this deck is that it really needs Rainbow Pteri to be on the field.  Fortunately, that’s where the incredible draw power of the books and Warf Rescue Team comes in.  I love Warf Rescue Team!  Whenever a card I need is in the discard pile, I just play WRT.


This deck might need a little tweaking, but you get the idea. =)  If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to send me an e-mail.