While this deck's roots come from the Petpets and Villains deck designed by Adam (the creator of the game), it is amazingly better. I tried the Petpets and Villains, and it was a good deck, but it had trouble with both the Tidal Wave deck seen on Neopets.com and a deck I made that combined some powerful Neopets and & Exp. Neopets from Dark and Earth (this deck also beat down the Tidal Wave deck). I tried several differant decks and many differant combos before this came to mind. I was scanning through my binder of Neopet cards looking at cards, when I came to Jhudora. Before now, I had written this Villain off because of the huge draw back that causes both players to discard a card just to bank a card. Now, the more I search the internet, the more I see decks based on books or decks based on fast banking cards. Well with this deck, you take out their ability to bank fast. I first looked at the essentials I would need to optimize Jhudora, which is where the Petpets and Villains deck came into play. I need a way to draw cards, and while books are good, they lack the banking power to win games. So the first essentials were 3x Jhudoras, Kacheek Shepherds, 12 Petpets and at least 9 cards that could bank for 4. I also wanted to keep the opponents hands down to a minimum, so they couldn't bank very often, so in comes 3x Jhudora's Evil Eye and 3x Pant Devil Attacks. I knew I might have a problem getting out my Kacheek Shepherds so in went 3x Rainbow Paint Brushes. Once at least one Kacheek Shepherd is in play, you should have no problem finding Jhudora. I wanted some strong power in this deck, and the card that is by far the most powerful in the game is Grarrl Gladiator so in he went. After that I needed one extra card, so in went another bank 4. It was now time to decide what Neopets for my neopet stack. 10 is the best number, more makes it harder to get. 3 Red Grarrls were a must and seeing as how the deck is based around the Kacheek Shepherd's ability to draw cards, I threw in 3 Blue and 3 Green Kacheeks. For the last Neopet I went with 1 Red Grarrl. Now, for the right Petpets. I need to pick out 4. The first was a shoe in, Kadoatie and seeing as how I would need my experienced neopets in the game to win, I went with 3 Mirgle as well. The next pair of Petpets was a tough choice, but I ended up going with Meowclops and Harris. The main reason I went with these was my experience with the Petpets and Villains deck being to weak stat wise (especially since it used petpets with low stat modifiers and only one Grarrl Gladiator). This deck is very good early on if you can get at least on experienced neopet out within the first 3 turns, which shouldn't be hard with 6 in the deck and 3 Rainbow Paint Brushes. Having 10 cards to bank 4 with, winning after banking 6 cards is no problem, which means fewer wins are needed, and your opponent has less time to draw cards to get around Jhudora. I decided for my 10 bank 4's to go with 3x Striped Negg, 3x Darkest Faerie Token, 3x Petpetnip and 1x Bottle of Grarrl. Why? Well actually it had to do with rarity. I don't plan on using this in contests unless I really need to. Petpetnip will be the one used the most and the ability is very good. Striped Negg is the only rare card worth a bank of 4 so I put it in there. Dark Faerie Token added a nice little bonus to the Grarrls and is also one of four or five uncommons worth a bank of 4. The Bottle of Grarrl was thrown in because one its a bottle of Grarrl and there are Grarrls in the deck and two it is uncommon. This deck is very potent and also very customizable. I'm sure there will be plenty of variations on this deck since this is already the second. The main concern for this deck is decking itself by drawing to many cards. If you play a deck that will force you to draw too many cards, just don't use Jhudora and get the game over as fast as possible. Hopefully the new expansion, Battle for Meridell, will bring on some better Petpets and hand destruction cards to supplement this type of deck.
3 Red Grarrl
1 Green Grarrl
3 Blue Kacheek
3 Green Kacheek
Exp. Neopets
3 Kacheek Shepherd
3 Grarrl Gladiator
3 Jhudora's Evil Eye
3 Pant Devil Attacks
3 Jhudora
3 Rainbow Paint Brush
3 Petpetnip
3 Striped Negg
3 Darkest Faerie Token
1 Bottle of Grarrl
3 Kadoatie
3 Mirgle
3 Meowclops
3 Harris
Good Luck!
Nik Sigwald
Please email me with any suggestions or if you want to game (going to get apprentice)