Hi there, I have created a pretty killer deck (in my opinion) and I wondered if you would post it on the site. Its won 18 in a row right now :)

I call it Petpets and Villains. Basically the strategy of the deck is to get your kacheek shepherds out early in the game, and start piling on the petpets and drawing a huge number of cards. You place the Darkest Faerie down in an arena to lock it down (preferably magic or intelligence), and then use the shadow usul to stop your opponent banking. It doesnt matter what arena you play the Shadow Usul in, even if it gets beaten you play it again, and again - and it doesnt matter that you have to discard a card each round, you are picking up so many because of your petpets, you never run out.

You only need ONE grarrl, and he should be in the strength arena (duh). If you pull a second Grarrl, just replace him until you pull a kacheek instead. The petpetnip is there to beat villains, and its great as a 4-point bank item. After about the 5th round you should have a kacheek shepherd in magic and agility, a grarrl gladiator in strength, and a huge amount of petpets :)

Also, the fact that you always have an excess of cards means that you can use those throwaway SHH's and deplete your opponents hand as a bonus! The four point items should only be banked, this deck does not rely at all on using items in arena challenges.

Villains (6)
3x Shadow Usul
3x Darkest Faerie

Items (11)
3x Illusen's Charm
2x Rainbow Paint Brush - i'd maybe use a third if I had one :)
3x Petpetnip
3x Thingy - use it to get your kadoaties out for agility/magic dominance!

SHH (6)
3x Jhudora's Evil Eye
3x Pant Devil Attacks

Items (13)
3x Kadoatie
3x Harris
2x Mirgle
3x Doglefox
2x Spyder

Experienced (4)
3x Kacheek Shepherd
1x Grarrl Gladiator

Neopets (10)
3x Green Kacheek
3x Blue Kacheek
2x Green Grarrl
2x Red Grarrl

Thanks for listening,
Adam Powell,