Subject: Neopets Deck Idea
x4 [Basic Neopets]
Yellow Aisha x2
Blue Kacheek
Green Kacheek
x6 [Hero]
Jeran x2
Fyora the Faerie Queen
Siyana of Talador
x5 [Experienced Neopet]
Grarrl Gladiator x2
Kacheek Thief
Aisha Slorgrider
Kacheek Shepard
x7 [Equip]
Jeran's Sword x2
Jeran's Armour x2
Wooden Blocking Shield
Wand of Nova
x16 [Item]
Moon Charm x2
The Thieves' Code
Aisha Myraid
Rainbow Paint Brush
Jerdana's Orb
How to Cheat
Apple Lantern x2
Lucky Coin
Yellow Paint Brush x3
Grimoire of Thade
Biting Book
Faerie Pancakes
x2 [Something has Happened]
Library Visit x2
Most people you see use beatdown because of it's power. But a light deck does great in all arenas. Most basic neopets excel in Magic, but because of that, we have quit a few experienced neopets and Hero's. Jeran is the base of this deck, because if your fighting a beatdwon they will probably be using dark monsters, and you can combo Jeran with Green Kacheek.
The items are meant to give you advantages over your opponent. You may want to fiddle with them, because there is not much banking power because they are built to combat the opponet.
Equipment cards are based on all 4 arena's so the opponent doesn't get too many free wins, while you still stand a chance. And, finally, the library visit. I mean, extra draw power is always nice, and since the only monsters are light, you'll have no problem at all ;)
    Hope you got some useful tips from this. E-mail me any comments or suggestions for the deck.