Subject: Article on Keywords (Neopets)


Word! Well, OK, not really. More like Words. Keywords, to be precise. You know, the really small print under a card's name that tells you what it is? Well, if not, you do now! Let's take a look at that little line, and what it exactly DOES.

Keywords are actually one of the most important parts of the card, which is funny, seeing how barely anyone looks at them. This string of words (like "Neopet | Basic Poogle | Water") defines EXACTLY what the card is, in precise terms. The first string tells you what type the card is. The second string, if it's a Neopet, Hero, or Villian, tells you what the species and experience level is. The third (Or second, if it's not a Neopet/Hero/Villian) string tells you what Faerie Types (Or, Colors, if you're the Magic/Pokmon devotee) is/are.

Why are these little words so important? Well, these words are what the game looks at when you play a card, to make sure the play is legal, like when you play a "Something has Happened" or Experienced Neopet.

"But Tails, what about the symbols, border color, and card name? Aren't those the same things as the Keywords?"

Most of the time, yes, but we'll get into that later on.

When you play a card, the game looks at the keywords on the target card to make sure it's a legal play. Say a card says "You need a Fire Neopet to play this card." When you play said card, the game looks at ALL of the Keywords on ALL of your in-play cards. If it finds "Neopet" and "Fire" on the same card, then the game allows the play, and it's a legal move. If not, the doesn't allow the play, and you just had an Illegal Operation. This article will now close...

Misprints are where the Keywords get REAL important. I'm sure you've heard of the Battle Eyrie. Eyrie are Air 'pets, but the Battle Eyrie's Faerie type says Water. Well... that's clearly a misprint. But... look at the Keyword line. Neopet | Experienced Eyrie | Air. It's an Air card, as far as the game is concerned.

On a different note, I've seen people who try to put Equipment cards on Villians. By the book, this is perfectly legal, because nowhere in the Villian section does it say they can't be equipped.

On page 7 of the Advanced Rulebook, "Equipment," we're told that these cards are attached to Neopets and Heroes. Well... LOTS of Villians are one of the many Neopets species, technically making them Neopets, which is understandable.

The game, however, says that a card is a Neopet or Hero ONLY IF it has the Keyword "Neopet" or "Hero." Vilians don't. They have "Villian." Which means, sadly, they can't be equipped. Goes against logic, sure. Confuses everybody, but that's how this game works.

And that, sadly, shall end our discussion of Keywords. Before we go, though, in your next game, keep those little words in mind. They make rulings THAT much easier.


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