Subject: Card Combo for the Tips Section
I play a Light/Dark Deck, and this is the greatest combo that I have thought up and it RULES ALL. 
Tired of getting beat by Grarrl Galaditor, Aisha Enchantress, Faerie Slingshot, or n e thing that affects the dice roll well this is for you.
Equip a Jeran's Armour (no items) and a Dark Stone(opponent rolls no dice on your turn).  On your turn all you have to do it beat the persons stats.  You can stop auto wins and not have to worry about those horrible items.  I use 3 of each and put a set on each pet.  Then all you have to do is bank big items (bank 4s).  Since most people don't use ALOT of equipment it shouldn't take much to get the upper hand.  Good Luck to you and I hope u exploit this to the fullest. 
Matt Miller