Noahs Secret Avatar Page!
Updated 10.11.04

Secret Avatars!

 Petpet Sitter Avatar: Get a score of 2000+ in Petpet sitter

Hungry Avatar: Get a score of 1000+ in Jelly Processing Plant

Pow! Avatar: Beat Gormball

Toasty Avatar: Hold any item with "bread" in its name in your inventory then go to techo mountain

 Brainy Avatar: Complete the faerie crossword puzzle of the day in under 5 minutes [Random]

Winner: Bet and win at the Poogle races

Dubloon Avatar: Beat Better than you on September 16th 2004[Retired]

Buzz Avatar: Get a score of 800+ in The Buzzer Game


*Mew* Avatar: Feed a Kadoatie multiple times at the Kadoatery.

Back Off! Avatar: Visit the Lookup of a Mutant Draik [Try Wyvernnegg]

Do Not Eat Avatar: Feed your pet any food with the word carrot in it. [Cheap way to get this one is feed your pet a carrot and pea omelet.]

Mystic Avatar: Have the Island Mystic tell your neopets a fortune with the word "kyrii" in it

Doomed Avatar: Get a score of 1000+ in Mutant Graveyard of Doom

Yoinked Avatar: Get a score of 1600+ in Freaky Factory

Emo Usuki Avatar: Use the Gothic Uski as your shopkeeper and view yours.

Gnome Avatar: Have a gnome in your inventory and then visit the garden shop in neopia.

Chase Avatar: Get a score of 700+ in Meerca Chase

Brightvale Avatar: Land on the Flag at the Wheel of Knowledge

 Swabby Avatar: Score 900+ in Deckswabber

Goldy Avatar: View any pet's look up with a goldy attached to it.

Moody Avatar: After telling King Skarrl a joke, have him say "Now you've done it!"

Hero Avatar: Go here[]

Ruki Avatar: View a Ruki's Look up[]

Minion Avatar: Visit Lord Kass' Gallery of Evil Profile

Dark Avatar: View a Darigan Peophin's Lookup

NT Star Avatar: Have 10 articles published in the neopian times

Lucky Avatar: Win the Dice-a-roo jackpot

Ninja Avatar: Have the Niten Haru card in your invintory then view his article

Mmm, Snow Avatar: Get a score of 5000+ in Snowmunchers

Cracked Avatar: View a Baby Peteri's

Shape Shifter Avatar: Beat level 6 of Shape shifter than go back to the Shape shifter main page to recieve your avatar

It's Alive Avatar: View any Pets Look up that has a Faellie as a petpet

Whacked Avatar: Get a score of 950+ in Whack-A-Kass

Mediocre Avatar: Land on 1000np at the wheel of mediocrity

Queen Avatar: Play with a faerie queen doll

Battle Avatar: View a jubjubs lookup

MMM..Petpet Avatar: Have Turmaculus eat one of your petpets

Island Avatar: Own an island quiggle and view its lookup

Ssscrach Avatar: Win on any of Sidney's scrach cards

Magical Avatar: Us a morphing poition on your pet

Pwned Avatar: Have your pet change species at the lab ray

Neomail Addict Avatar: Send a neomail to someone with the body and topic of "I love neomail"

Vira Avatar: Have any mirror in your invintory then go to the wold page, then go to the gallery of evil, then view Vira's page.

  Super Pea Avatar: Attach a Super Pea to a Pea Chia [Unconfirmed]

 Defender Of Meridell Avatar: Beat At least the Second Level of Defenders Of Meridell go back to the main DOM page and click play
 Squished Avatar: Go to your user look up if you fought in the Battle for Meridell
0 Redeemed Avatar: Go to Darigans Chaimbers if you fought in the Meridell vs. Darigan war.
UggaUgga Avatar: Win 14 times in a row
Forever Orange: Own an orange Grundo and look at its lookup page
Grunt Avatar: Go to the Grundo's Warehouse in the virtupets center and type "A384J-228P1" in the old code box
Ghost Avatar: Beat ghost Lupe in the Battledome
Spin Avatar: Land on the "?" at wheel of monotony
Bionic Cybunny Avatar: Beat a Bionic Cybunny in Neoquest 2
Fire Avatar: Put a "Fire Paw" Card into your Neodeck
ROM Avatar: get a minimum score of 800 in Raiders Of maraqua
Funny Avatar: Win every 100th  Caption Contest
 *Sigh* Avatar: Own a grey Neopet and look at its lookup
0Gruslem Avatar: Have a Gruslem attached to your Neopet for 100 days
Bloyru Avatar: Bless a Shoyru With a bottled faerie
Snotty Avatar: Beat Meuka in The Battledome
Groovy Avatar: Watch a "Chomby and the Fungus Balls" show
Mazzew Avatar: Have a Mazzew attached to your Neopet for 200 days
PYO Avatar: Pick 6 berries and have none of them be dung
Faboo! Avatar: Restock a rarity 80+ item from the clothe store
Vexed Avatar: Play Cellblock[Random]
Hrmph Avatar: Get a score of 800+ in  Gormet Club Bowls[To make it easier, at the "Play game' screen type "shepherd']
Lil' Devil Avatar: Beat a Devilpuss in Neoquest 2
Weakling Avatar: Be Beaten by a Plains Lupe in Neoquest 2
Heeyah Avatar: Beat Kasuki Lu in the Battledome
Lennies Rule Avatar: Win a Lenny Conundrum
Helpfull Avatar: Search for Avatars in the help page and refesh
Kacheek Beach Avatar: Take a Kacheek to the beach
Eliv Avatar: Get at least 1300 Points in Eliv Thade
Gadgads Game Avatar: Get at least 100 points in Gadgads Game
Jester Avatar: Tell the The Grumpy Old King" a joke and get a score of 800+
Pack Rat: Have 1000 different items in your Safty Deposit Box
Turtum Avatar: Get 230 + points in  Ultimate Bullseye
Surprise Avatar: Feed a "Bag of Peanuts" to an Elephante
Buzzin' Avatar: Paint a Buzz at the Rainbow Pool
Bomber Avatar: Get a score of 1300+ at Chia Bomber
Alien Avatar: Use a Nerkmid at the Alien Vending Machine
Snorkle Avatar: Feed a Snorkle Snout to your Neopet
I Love My Rock Avatar: Watch a "Sticks 'N Stones" Concert
Destroyer Avatar: Get a score of 3000+ in Magax: Destroyer
Winning Streak Avatar: Win 10 consecutive times in a row at Blige Dice
Let It Snow Avatar: Have an Icy Snowflake in your invintory and view Terror Mountains Weather.
Whee Avatar: Have a snowbunny attach to your neopet for a year and check its lookup
Blige Dice:Get 24 in Blige Dice[Random]
Mutant Avatar: Use a Transmogrification Potion on your Neopet
Slorg Avatar: Have a slorg Attached for 101 days and check your Neopets Lookup
Collector Avatar: Put all the Lost Desert Avatars into your album
Hungry Avatar: Put a Draconack and cheese[s] into your invintory and refresh alot
untill a cheese dissapears
0Suteks Tomb: Get at least 2000 points in suteks tomb
Mootix Avatar: Attach a Mootix to your pet and refresh at the quick reference page
Collector Avatar: Put all the Haunted Woods Avatars into your album
*Caw* Avatar: Beat Black Pteri in the Battledome
Plushie Tycoon Avatar: Get a trophy in Plushie Tycoon
Collector Avatar: Put all the Tyrannian Stamps in your stamp album
Collector Avatar: Put all the Virtupets  Stamps in your stamp album
Collector Avatar: Put all the Mystery Island Stamps in your stamp album
Deadly Dice Avatar: Play Deadly Dice at 12AM NST and win
Extreme Avatar: Get at least 200 points in extreme potato counter
Avatar Collector Avatar: Get top 200 in Neoboard Avatar Collector
Boo Avatar: Buy a Blue Evil Fuzzle and play with it multiple times
*Cackle* Avatar: Complete Multiple Edna's Quests[Random From 1-200 quests}
Werelupe Avatar: Own a Halloween Lupe and Go to its look up
Freaked Avatar: Top 50 in Korbats Lab[Unconfirmed??]
0Chomp Avatar: Feed a pepito to a jetsam
Knight Avatar: You must have fought in the Meridell vs. Darigan War and been on meridell's side. Go to your User Lookup
0Darkling Avatar: You must have fought in the Meridell vs. Darigan War and been on Darigan's side. Go to your User Lookup
I'm Smell Avatar: Hold 10 different dung items in your invintory
Squawk Avatar: Type squawk in the neoboards
Chokato Avatar: Have a Chokato TCG card in your invintory and refresh constantly
Warrior Avatar: Equipt a Bony Grarrl Club to a Grarrl
Merolucaladen/Hermeed Jet Avatars: Beat them in the battledome during your Defenders of Meridell quest for Them. You only get one of them when beaten.
Coconut Avatar: Feed a coconut cocktail
Feed Me Avatar: Feed a Skeith a Skeith item
Mad About Orange Avatar: Hold 8 different orange avatars in your invintory Refresh alot!
Codestone Avatar: Hold the 10 different codestones in your invintory and refresh
ITTPD Avatar: Hold an item that costs 10,000,000 neopoints in your invintory and refesh[Tiki Armour is the cheapest]
Evil Avatar: Have The Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie TCG card in your invintory and refresh
Space Avatar: Beat The Space Faerie in the Battledome
Chocolate Avatar: Restock a rarity 90+ chocolate from the chocolate shop
Master Avatar:
Doctor Death Avatar: [DONT DISOWN]
0Defender Avatar:
0Defender Avatar:
Excape Avatar: Get top 200 in Excape From Meridell Castle
Maraquan Krawk Avatar: Look at a maraquan Krawks lookup [ ]
Angelpuss Avatar: Attach Angelpuss to your active pet and refresh in your quick reference page
0Angel Avatar: Search for Angelpuss in the search bar [ ]
0Fallen Avatar: Read The Grey Faerie Article [ ]
Scorchio Pirate Avatar:
Shoyru Pirate Avatar:
Aisha Pirate Avatar:
Krawk Pirate Avatar:
Better Than You: Win a better than you contest
Capara Avatar: Beat the first level of Cheat! and get a capara battlecard
Faerie Grundo Avatar: Go to a Faerie Grundo's lookup[]
Grundo Snowthrow Avatar: Get top 50 in Grundo Snowthrow
Usuki Avatars: View Usukiland Advert[]
Meowclops Avatar: Attach a meowclops to your active pet and view your quick refrence page
Kind Avatar: Feed Your Neopet Multiple Times at the soup Kitchen
Glade Avatar: Beat Illusen's Glade Lv 20
Cloud Avatar: Beat Jhudora's Cloud Lv 20
WOE Avatar: Land on the 10,000 np space at the wheel of exitment
Muhaha! Avatar: Have the same amount of neopoints on hand as Adam and go to the about us page [ ]
Fyora Avatar: Buy something from the hidden tower[Go to Chat Prefrences it will just appear there]
Math's Nightmare Avatar: Be in the top 200 of Math's Nightmare Game
Sloth Avatar: Random Event
Yurble Avatar: Look at a Yurbles lookup (added 6.02.04)
Retired Avatars!:(

These cant be obtained anymore so its not worth telling how to get them. There will be new holiday ones for next year so it isn't worth telling either. If they do decided to bring them back i will tell how to get them.

Well, there you have it, start your search for having the most avatars in all neopia! It's going to be a hard, cash burning hobby though, so get searching!.......Happy Hunting