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- Magic
- Pokemon
- YuGiOh
- Yu Yu Hakusho
- Harry Potter
- Anime



Deke's Deck Garage
Deck Fix 01 - Bank Burn

Welcome to the deck garage!  Our first deck was submitted by Nicholas Tan.  His deck concentrates on burning the opponent's bank, until he can cleansing flames for the win!

Here's the beginning deck list:

3 Red Scorchio
2 Yellow Scorchio
3 Blue Draik
2 Green Draik

Exp. Neopets
2 Scorchio Alchemist
2 Scorchio Warrior
2 Draik Soldier

2 Turmac
2 Gallion
3 Moltenore
2 Doglefox
2 Mirror Shield
2 Faerie Slingshot
2 Defence Shield v2.0
2 Battle Hammer
2 Goo Blaster

2 Potion of Strength
2 Essence of Brain
2 Ring of Sloth
2 Silver Draik Egg
2 Faerie Pancakes
3 Meaty Pie
3 illusens Charm
2 Moon Charm
2 Rainbow Paint Brush
2 Starry Paint Brush

2 Magnus the Torch
2 Commander Gormos

2 Shooting Star
3 Retribution
2 Money Tree Ghosts
3 Cleansing Flames

2 Darigan Gardens

2 MAGAX:Destroyer

Total Cards (not including Basic Neopets): 65


Well, let's get started!

The deck submitted is supposed to be a mono-faerie type deck that destroys an opponent's bank.  Although I usually recommend using multiple faerie types, I'm going to leave it as Fire only to keep with the theme I was given.  The main issues I want to tackle is narrowing down the number of cards in the deck, and making as many cards work towards our main theme as possible.  The reason for this is the less cards in a deck, the better the chance at drawing any particular card that we may need from it.  Also, having everything work together opens up more options for while we are playing, and makes it harder for an opponent to stop.
First, let's see what cards we can find that are really centered around removing cards from an opponent's bank.  Although there are others, the most powerful ones are Sludging Ray, Hubrid Nox Statue, Crop Failure, Ring of Sloth, Xarthab, and of course, Retribution. 
With those options in mind, the first thing I'm going to look at is the Experienced Neopets.  Current options for Fire are the Wocky, Scorchio, Draik, Gelert, and Kougra.  Sadly, none of them are really good at robbing your opponent's bank, like the Kacheek Thief.  Instead, the Draik Soldier is almost always a good choice, if you're using any equipment.  Since I don't see using many potions, with this deck type, I'm going to drop the alchemist.  Instead of the Scorchio Warrior, I'm going to look for something that can cover the Draik Soldier's weakness in Agility.  If a lot of people in your area play Light, go with Kougra Trooper.  Otherwise, I'm going to go with Kougra Scientist.  Since I only have 2 experienced pets, I'm going to play three of each to maximize my chance of getting them out.  Rainbow Paintbrush also comes to mind since it will help me get my exp pets and it has a fairly low chance of getting destroyed by retribution.
Since I hope to have two Soldiers out and one Scientist, I'm going to stack my Basic Neopets with 6 Draiks (Blue or Green), and 4 Kougras (Red, Yellow or Blue).  This will give me a slightly better chance of getting my 2:1 ratio to begin with, without swamping me with all of one type.
We'll attack equipment next, as our Draik will need some help winning contests for us.  Afterall, we still need to bank, and the best way to keep cards out of our opponent's bank is to stop them from winning any contests.  We have to keep deck size in consideration, so we're going to limit equips to 8-11.  Moltenore is an obvious choice since we're all about Fire, and he's a good boost to every deck.  I'm going to say only two of them since they aren't always easy to come by.  If you have three, use three.  Add a pair each of Goo Blaster, Bzzt Blaster, and Battle Hammer since each is a +12 boost to your Soldier.  To help you move those around as needed, I'd suggest a pair of Mutant Doglefox as well.
Next I'm going to look at the SHH cards.  Cleansing Flames x2.  I only do x2 since you have a great chance of drawing one by the time you get enough cards in your bank and hand to use it.  Sludging Ray x2.  This is mostly used towards the end of the game to prevent your opponent from winning or banking a painful card.  By that time, you should have extra Exp pets or other things in your hand to toss.  I'm not going to keep the Shooting Star simply because I wasted a draw getting it, and could have just tapped a guy that was weak anyway.  I'm going to leave Money Tree Ghosts in for now, but there are a number of things to be aware of.  First, you're putting the banked card back in your opponent's hand.  This gives them the opportunity to use it again.  Second, they choose the card.  So, they can return a card with a useful effect and bank it again which is going to hurt you.  But, it's nice to use after the next card, Retribution x3.  Although somewhat chancy, Retribution works wonders for us because we're banking low value cards while most people bank high.  Here's the stats:
Bank Value  = Chance to be destroyed
0 = 00.0%
1 = 00.0%
2 = 16.7%
3 = 33.3%
4 = 50.0%
5 = 66.7%
6 = 83.3%
7+ = 100%
Currently, the highest bank value is 5 on Golden Negg and Hubrid Nox Statue.
Locations!  2x Darigan Gardens seems great, but actually won't help much.  The reason is, if you're already almost guaranteed to win, your opponent will most likely not challenge you there anyway.  If they do, it's in your favor to let them waste their pet on a useless battle.  If you put Darigan Gardens out, you're going to force them to move their pet somewhere else, where it will increase their chance of winning a contest.  There aren't really any other good locations for this deck, so I'm not going to use any.
Magax is ok as a Villain, but it has that nasty "untap all its rivals" when it gets defeated.  His movement effect won't help much as you will rarely use him long in arenas you have a pet in, and if your opponent has Fire it won't deter them at all.  He's not powerful enough to stop anyone for long, so we're not going to waste card slots on him.  The only Fire Villain that doesn't untap rival is the new S950 Kreludan Defender, which is weak everywhere but strength.
There are helpful heroes though.  The Peasant Mob can give you a blocker for an otherwise vacant arena (gives you a chance to roll a 6 if nothing else), and can provide a small boost in other arenas as well.  Because of space, I'm not going to use him in this deck.  If we had any light, I'd use Xarthab.
This finally brings us to Items.  We have 25 for sure cards so far, so we're going to shoot for 15-20 items.  We need a couple big-bankers for the Cleansing Flames to work, and a lot of little guys to last us until then.  I'm going to go for about 8-9 4/5 bank cards.  But, to make things a touch easier, I'm going to use cards that are low value until an effect kicks in...  that's right, I'm bringing back some Neggs.  Blue, Green, and Yellow Neggs all become 4 as soon as there are 4 different Neggs in the bank, but are only at a value of 2 or 1 until then.  If you still have extra cards in your hand, the Golden can be your 4th Negg.  So, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Golden are all x2.  For the Neggs to be more effective, we want to make sure we can get 4 different names, so we'll also add one each of Happy, Slimy, and Starry.  That leave us about 9 more equips.  3x Rainbow paintbrush.  3x Ring of Sloth. 3x Grimoire of Thade.  If you don't have enough of these, substitute low-value cards that let you draw, like Beyond Neopia, The Thieves' Code, and Biting Book.  The strategy will be to bank the pb, books, and rings first, then neggs, and finally use cleansing flames when you're close enough for the win.  The whole time, you keep pulling cards out of your opponent's bank to slow them down.
Here's the finished Deck!
Basic Neopets
3 Blue Draik
3 Green Draik
2 Blue Kougra
2 Yellow Kougra

Exp. Neopets
3 Draik Soldier
3 Kougra Scientist

2 Moltenore
2 Battle Hammer
2 Goo Blaster
2 Bzzt Blaster
2 Mutant Doglefox

3 Ring of Sloth
3 Rainbow Paint Brush
3 Grimoire of Thade
2 Yellow Negg
2 Green Negg
2 Blue Negg
2 Golden Negg
1 Happy Negg
1 Starry Negg
1 Slimy Negg

3 Retribution
2 Money Tree Ghosts
2 Cleansing Flames
2 Sludgin Ray
Total Cards (not including Basic Neopets): 45
As with all decks, playtest this against people in your area and see what works and what doesn't.  Play it a lot, then get rid of the cards that always end up not helping.  If you get below 40 cards, add in more of the books that let you draw a card when you bank it.  And remember, deck fixes are always suggestions.  Feel free to be creative with your own deck and test your own ideas.
If you have other questions, comments, or want to submit a deck of your own to the deck garage, send it with a brief description to!

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