Neopets News - Oct 22, 2004

Today is the release day for Hannah and the Pirate Caves!  The FAQ for HatIC on Neopets has a couple references to the non-existant jelly :P   Carrie and I spent some time speculating and have concluded that either Adam is purposely trying to get our goat, or that Neopets may have actually released a Secret card with HatIC.  If they did, the card would be something like:
Jelly World
Play this only in the Jelly Arena (a new arena that you create when this card is played).  Whenever a contest is started here, each player picks a stat for his or her Neopets and Heroes to use for that contest.
Also, they've released a picture of the HatIC release event trophy.  The event is coming up in just over a week on the 30th of October.  Go here for a list of participating locations!  The Red Bori will be the promotional card this time around.