From: Deke
Subject: Neopets - McDonald's Cards

I was finally able to get some more info on the McDonald's cards.  They are numbered as "MP 1/15" - "MP 15/15" and there is no designation for common/uncommon/rare, etc...  There is a gold Promo star on the lower left of the artwork.  There is a link to a card list and some other stuff on an insert,  There is also a link from that page that will show you all 109 of the different plushies (there are 4 non-species special ones).
The card list is:
1. Blue Ixi
2. Green Lupe
3. Red Kougra
4. Yellow Kacheek
5. Yellow Shoyru
6. Bearog
7. Count Von Roo
8. Faerie Uni
9. Mootix Launcher
10. Pink Kadoatie
11. Raindorf
12. Shadow Aisha
13. Snow Faerie Globe
14. Starry Scorchio
15. Tormund