Week of May 31 2004

Kacheek Shepherd + Armoury of Kass + Petpets (Turmac)


Once the BfM expansion was released, pretty much every Petpet player and a few other people realized the power of this combination.


How it works:

   Have a Kacheek Shepherd in play, put out the Armoury of Kass, and start playing petpets in the strength arena for free.  Each petpet played lets you draw a card.  Each draw could potentially be another petpet, especially since over 50% of your deck is petpets (afterall, they're bankable too.)  Once you have 2 turmacs in your hand, you can create a loop where you attach one turmac, causing all petpets in that arena, including the other Turmac to return to your hand (and draw a card for putting it out, of course.)


Things to consider:

- Don't deck yourself.  Leave enough cards to last a few turns so you have time to bank and win.

- Don't let an opponent deck you: If they bounce two turmacs off the armoury while you still have a Kacheek Shepherd out, they can make you draw your entire deck.  To prevent this, either get rid of Armoury of Kass by replacing it with another location (Meridell Castle seems obvious), or replace Kacheek Shepherd (Kacheek Thief.)

- Use cards like Rainbow Paintbrush and Castle Sanctuary to help you get your combo cards out.  Thingy or Capture the Snowbunnies can help get Turmac.

- Poogle Racer can move to the strength arena without tapping, get beefed up, move back to a different arena, and start a contest all in one turn.

- Illusen's Staff while you have a huge hand...  ;)

- Golden Negg and Cooty help bank fast.  As a matter of fact, you can bank all 21 points in one turn if you happen to draw all 3 of each while you're bulking up.  You can use 2 Poogle Racers to move back and win in other arenas while your Kacheek stays in Strength.

- Petpetnip is your best bet as a 4-bank.  Talk about overkill...

- Nightstone.  'Nuf said.  Remember, you don't need faerie type to attach stuff using Armoury of Kass.

- Downside: since you need to maximize on petpets in your deck, you don't have much space for all the above ideas!



Untested Example Deck:


4 Blue, Green, Red Kacheek

6 Green, Blue, Yellow Poogle


1 Kacheek Thief (to replace Shepherd yet keep equips)

2 Kacheek Shepherd

3 Poogle Racer

2 Armoury of Kass

1 Meridell Castle (to replace AoK after bulked)

2 Castle Sanctuary

2 Rainbow Paintbrush

3 Thingy

2 Nightstone

3 Turmac

3 Turdle (doesn't affect Poogle Racer, and bank 3)

3 Pawkeet

3 Spyder

3 Mortog

3 Mirgle

3 Doglefox

1 Kadoatie



Next week:

   The combo that helped me win the BfM release tourney in January.