Combo of the Week - June 7, 2004 (Jhudoras Storm + Slorg Trails)

This week:  Jhudoras Storm & Slorg Trails


This is one of the all-time best combos released with the original set.  I used it in a Fire/Water deck for the BfM release, and took 1st undefeated (8 total rounds).


How it works:

   Use Jhudora's Storm to move all of your opponent's pets to an arena where they didn't put any of yours.  Play Slorg trails.  To be really evil, play another Slorg trails on your next turn, and the 3rd on the following (assuming you have all 3).


Things to consider:

- Poogle Racer's are your best friend.  You can Jhudora's Storm at the beginning of the turn, and still move your Racer's in case your opponent is smart enough to put all your pets in one arena.  Doing this, you can get up to 6 free wins with one use of the combo.

- This combo can take a while to work out.  You have to have both cards, and neither are really all that searchable.  You also don't get as much benefit if you don't have Racers out.

- Self-Destruct Sequence.  Bye-bye opposition.


I'm not giving a deck this week as there are so many good variations.  But, start with 3 Poogle Racers, 3 Jhudora's Storm, 3 Slorg Trails, and see what you come up with.  If you're having problems, send your best attempt to the Deck Garage, and I'll post a fix of it.