Neopets - Combo of the Week - June 21, 2004 (Dr. Sloth + Symol Warrens)

This week:  Dr. Sloth + Symol Warrens


This combo was pointed out by one of my TCG friends who has come up with a couple of impressive decks before, and is always a challenge to play.


How it works:

   Dr. Sloth requires more than one Neopet or Hero to challenge him.  Symol Warrens allows only one Neopet or Hero to start a contest.  Thus, it's a complete lockdown of an arena.



Things to consider:

- Symol Warrens is only for the Intelligence Arena.  Lucky enough, that's Dr. Sloth's best arena.

- You (or your opponenet) can unlock the arena by replacing the Warrens with a different Location.

- As usual, combos are rarely useful early in the game because you have to get both cards out.



I wouldn't build a deck around this particular combo, but it can really help a Villain Deck as you can pretty much forget about the Intelligence Arena once you have the combo in place.