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Alan's Team

Falcon x1
Dragon x1
Pixie x1
Joker x1
Kuro x1
Jell x1

Trap x3
Medicine x2
Roller Blades x3
Abacus x2
Cup of Water x1
Money x1
Net x1
Disguise x1

Feel the Power x3
Smart Move x1
Friends for Life x3
Power Move x1
Doing Ausome x2
Feeling Good x2
Make Friends x3
Power Up x3
Clever Dodge x2
Feeling Great x3
Brilliant Idea x3
Living Smart x1
Toughen Up x1
Strong Block x1
Speed Demon x2
Hard as Nails x1
Study Hard x2

I'm Calling You Out x3

Errantry x3

Please e-mail me your deck ideas and I will add them to the Deck Ideas section.


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