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Monster Rancher Episode Guide

Episode 27 - Tiger's Battle With Destiny
Gray Wolf challenges Tiger to a one on one duel to settle things.

Episode 28 - Colour Pandora, Guardian Of The Forest
As Genki and his friends walk through the forest, they fall into several traps. Genki and Hare chase the trap setter and discover it's not a bad one. It's Colour Pandora.

Episode 29 - Farewell My Friend
Genki and friends cross the river with Jim.

Episode 30 - Baby Bossy
Genki and the gang resurrect an orangutan-like monster named Bossy.

Episode 31 - Amusement Park Ruins
Genki and the gang battle the bad guys at an ancient amusement park.

Episode 32 - Holly's Smile Is A Million Golds
Niton, a vendor appears in front of Genki and the others and tells them that he has the mystery stone of the Phoenix. Genki and his group say that they want the mystery stone and a trade is made for it with Holly's dagger.

Episode 33 - Battle In The Meadow
Naga of the Big Bad Four gives orders to the Tainted Cat brothers and they appear in front of Genki and the others. Their special method of attack puts Genki and the others in danger and they split up to escape.

Episode 34 - The Town That Disappeared
Holly and Mochhi find a diary in a ghost town that explains that the town was brought to disaster by Barjarl's invasion.

Episode 35 - Battle With The Big Bad Four
Genki and the others head for the castle of Naga, last of the Big Bad Four.

Episode 36 - Eve's Night
Eve a girl in a village helps the team defeat Moo.

Episode 37 - Holly's Happy Birthday
The gang plans a surprise party for Holly.

Episode 38 - Evil General Durahan's Challenge
Moo, summons Evil General Durahan to destroy Genki and his friends. Durahan awakens End Bringer to attack Genki and his group.

Episode 39 - Good-bye Baku
Goku and his friends meet a white furry monster named Baku. Baku ends up saving the team from a battle.

Episode 40 - Secret Of The Pendant Stone
Colt explains the history behind Monster Farm and tells them Pendant is the name of an ancient civilization that created Moo.

Episode 41 - Tiger's Last Day
Tiger and Jagd Hound trick Lilim.

Episode 42 - The Warriors From Outter Space
Genki and the others find a huge spaceship wreckage in a cave. Captain Astro becomes a lost mystery stone.

Episode 43 - The Sand Assassin, Renocraft
Mocchi and the others meet up with an assassin, Renocraft, that Durahan sends after them.

Episode 44 - A Scramble For The Pendant Stone
Moo has gotten his hands on his original body, but the merge isn't complete. They find out that they need the strength of the pendant stone.

Episode 45 - Durahan Dies At Daybreak
Lilim and Durahan disappear into a burning battleship.

Episode 46 - Of War And Hate
Having the Pendant stone in his possession, Moo absorbs its energy and completes his transformation. He appears before Genki and the group in his completed form.

Episode 47 - Tears
Genki and his friends fight Moo and don't let on to the Phoenix's location but Moo captures Genki and things look lost.

Episode 48 - Blue Skies
Monol tells Genki how to awaken the Phoenix and explains that Suezo, Tiger, Hare, Golem and Mocchi are the five monsters that have the Phoenix's soul in them. When they bond, the Phoenix will awaken. But Genki's courage is necessary.

Thanks to YTV for the summeries.


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