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Monster Rancher Episode Guide

Episode 1 - In The Beginning
Genki, a young Monster Rancher player, realizes his dream of entering the world of the Monsters. But he soon finds that his new world is threatened by an evil force which is taking over all of the monsters. He teams with a girl named Holly, a Suezo, and a baby Mocchi to try and find the Phoenix, the only thing which can turn the monsters good again.

Episode 2 - I Am Mocchi
Genki is determined to raise Mocchi correctly. When he becomes concerned that their quest may be too dangerous for the baby monster, however, he decides to leave Mocchi with a local family. Mocchi, misunderstanding his intentions, decides that Genki doesn't care about him any more, and runs away.

Episode 3 - Guardian Of The Disks
Genki and friends meet an "enigma", a Golem that does not like to fight. They invite him to join their quest, but when Moo's troops threaten the Golem's garden of Lost Disks, they discover a terrible secret about him.

Episode 4 - Eternal Worm
Genki and his friends encounter Alan, a young boy who is strict and cruel to his pet Worm. When he tries to ally with agents of Moo, however, he learns that loyalty is something that is given, not taken.

Episode 5 - Tiger Of The Wind
Genki meets the Tiger of the Wind, the leader of a pack of Tigers that escaped from their human "masters". His distrust of humans puts him at odds with Genki, but he is no friend of Moo's, either. When a troop of Dino's attack, Genki and the Tiger may find that they need each other.

Episode 6 - Hare's Trick
In need of money, Genki enters Tiger in a tournament. He comes very close to winning, but is tricked into dropping his guard by his final opponent, a Hare. Tiger is enraged by his loss, but the Hare seems to want to make it up to his new friends. Is this just another trick, as Tiger suspects, or is this shrewd con artist of a Hare someone that Genki and his team can trust?

Episode 7 - The Courageous Seven
Genki and his friends come across a beautiful valley, and a small village at the foot of a dam. When Moo's troops damage the dam, Genki and the monsters must work together to save the town from disaster.

Episode 8 - After The Rain
We learn of Holly's past, and how she came to be on the quest for the Phoenix, as she shares her story with Genki and the others on a miserable rainy day.

Episode 9 - The Iron Bird
Genki and the Searchers come across an "Iron Bird", a flying machine. Its owner used it to escape from the land on the other side of an impassable canyon. But the fugitive is running from the forces of Moo, and in order to save himself, he may have to betray his new friends.

Episode 10 - The Ruin's Secret
On the other side of the great canyon, the Searchers find a land ruled by Moo, where humans are forced to work as slaves. Overseeing the whole operation is a Pixie, a creature as hard and cold as she is beautiful. In trying to save the slaves, Genki and his friends fall into her trap, and the results are devastating.

Episode 11 - Pixie's Defeat
Left literally in a cliffhanger at the end of last episode, Genki shows that he can be beaten, but he can NEVER be defeated. He frees his allies and the slaves from Pixie's dungeon, but Pixie has plans of her own. Deep down, though, Pixie may not be the evil monster she makes herself out to be.

Episode 12 - Monol's Story
Our heroes get closer to their confrontation with Moo, as they unlock a Monol with a tale to tell. It tells them of a time in the distant past, when an advanced civilization created all of the monsters, including Moo and the Phoenix.

Episode 13 - Moo Revealed
The title says it all. Genki and his friends finally face Moo himself, and he is so powerful that they cannot stand against him. But when Moo takes Holly captive, and she discovers his true identity, the truth is almost too much for her to bear.

Episode 14 - Holly Rescued
With the help of Falcon and the Pirate Dragons, Genki mounts an assault on Moo's floating fortress. But Moo's revelations to Holly about her past have hurt her deeply. And in the end, the only thing that will save Genki is the unexpected arrival of an old friend.

Episode 15 - A New Departure
The Searchers reach the ocean, and hook up with a pirate captain, Horn, who has a ship that can get them across the sea. But first they must deal with a squad of Zuums, Horn's attraction to Holly, Suezo's distrust of Horn, and Golem's fear of the water.

Episode 16 - Great Battle At Sea
Gali, one of Moo's big four, calls on a group of Zillas to stop the Searchers. But the leader of the Zillas and Captain Horn have met before. And Golem, still frightened of the water, will have to face his fear, for Holly's sake.

Episode 17 - Underground Adventure
Tiger and Hare's rivalry finally comes to a head, when the gang gets lost in an underground labyrinth. Hurt by Tiger's harsh words, Hare takes off on his own. But in the end, Hare's wits may be the only thing that can save them from the mind games of a Joker.

Episode 18 - Our Friend Henger, Forever
The Searchers discover an ancient city, perfectly preserved by Hengers. But the robot caretakers are programmed to prevent anyone from entering the city. When the Hengers take Holly's pendant, Genki and his friends must trust a malfunctioning Henger, who was banished from the city because of his free will, to find them a way inside.

Episode 19 - Suezo's Secret Weapon
Suezo has always been happy to let others do the fighting for him. But his friends have begun to take him for granted, and when Hare points out that he has no Special Attack, Suezo takes the criticism pretty hard. Genki begins to try and train him, but does Suezo have the courage it takes to show what he can REALLY do?

Episode 20 - My Name Is Pixie
Pixie returns, and helps Genki in a battle against a group of Scaled Jells. But she and Genki become separated from the others, and when Pixie gets injured, she finds she must rely on Genki to survive. At first, she is embarassed and angry. But Genki's compassion begins to wear away at the barrier of hatred she has built around herself.

Episode 21 - The Mocchi Cannon
The Searchers finally confront Gali, the second of Moo's Big Four. Gali is both charming and clever, and manages to trap Genki and the others in a pit. But Mocchi escapes the trap, and the young monster must fight, alone, in order to save his friends.

Episode 22 - Run, Tiger, Run!
Holly is poisoned by the sting of a Black Worm, and Tiger must race against time to save her. But a more personal struggle awaits him. Tiger's brother Grey Wolf is now a baddie, one of Moo's Big Four, and eventually, Tiger will have to face him.

Episode 23 - Don't Give Up, Ducken!
While wandering through a thick forest, the Searchers are captured by a group of Mocks. Again, Mocchi manages to escape, and befriends a Ducken, who had been hiding in the forest from the Mocks. But Mocchi's efforts to save Genki and the others may get his new friend captured as well.

Episode 24 - Undine's Lake
The Searchers come across a quiet lake in the forest and set about restocking their food supplies with fish. The lake has another inhabitant, however, an Undine. Golem falls in love with the beautiful water spirit, but she turns out to be a servant of Moo.

Episode 25 - Warriors of The Ruins
Genki and his friends come across a trio of Centaurs, proud warriors who serve Moo, but have a code of honor of their own. They challenge the Searchers to a tournament, but there is a squad of Salamanders in the area as well, and they don't want the Centaur to have the glory of Genki's capture.

Episode 26 - Melcarba
While running from a squad of Beaclons, Genki and the others stumble across another ruined city from the ancient time. Inside they find a Melcarba, a robot Beaclon much more powerful than the attacking squad. The war machine drives away the Beaclons, but then it blindly turns on the Searchers, as well.

Provided by Richard Ryley


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