Subject: MegaMan Battle Network info

I have quite a bit of information to give. So I'll just put what I have here, and if you decide to post it, thanks. It's just to help others.
- DeltaRay. Hard chip to use, no? Well, it's not, really. So long as the enemy is in the middle row and the front two panels, pulling off all three hits isn't hard. Press A, and ProtoMan teleports in. RIGHT after he slashes and before he teleports out, press A again. Repeat that one more time, and it's all done. DeltaRay, short and sweet.
- Rush and AntiSword. I'm betting this fact isn't well known, but any avid netbattler knows that Rush is evil. It negates our defense chips right out. But if you use AntiSword first, something different happens. Not only does AntiSword stop Rush from negating your defense chip, Rush activates the AntiSword. So you get to use that defense chip, and possibly hurt your enemy. AntiSword isn't a bad chip to throw in any folder if it's coded properly (two should do fine).
- Poison. Mole chips stop poison damage (providing you're in the hole) other than Geddon type poison. Make use of that.
- AreaGrab. Learn to love and hate the chip. Field control is one of the most important aspects of the battle. Always keep a few AreaGrabs or a nice obstacle (Rook) in your folder.
- Divine Chaos. Geddon3, then Sanctuary. =P
- Disco Inferno. GrassStage, Prism, HeatSpread. 1200 damage, one shot. 1800 on wood enemies.
Er...I don't know if linking to anything is allowed, but I'll give it a try. For anyone who is competitive and wants a nice folder, a look here will help immensely.
The Renowned Folder FAQ at gamefaqs. Submitted by me, Asakura Yoh.

I doubt many play this game really competitively, but I feel like giving information and help anywhere it can be posted, so anyone who does play will have the knowledge. Thanks for your time, whether you post this up or not.
-Asakura Yoh