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tcorbett's deck fixes
By: tcorbett

> Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004
> Subject: Red ProtoMan Deck

> NetNavi
> ProtoMan, Unbeatable

Judging from the stuff you're running, you'd really want to Blast a lot more often than this ProtoMan. A Blast of 5 means that you're only Blasting every 5 turns. So, I would go with the Starter version of ProtoMan, which is a 3/1/2 with no ability IIRC.
> Battle Chip
> 3 Life Aura
> 4 Time Bomb
> 4 Boybomb3

OK, BoyBomb3 would be impossible to play in this deck. You have to have 3 Yellow to play it. You only have 1 Yellow Resource in this deck (remember, you can't have more than one Resource of the same name out unless it's a Virus). An obvious replacement would be LaserBlast. Also, I would go with Magnum instead of LifeAura.

> Resource
> 4 Clear Victory
> 4 VulGear
> 4 Worthy Opponent
> 4 Roll, Downtown Chaperone
> 4 Megaman, License to Delete
> 4 BattleChip Geek
> 4 Delicious and Nutritious
> 4 Glide, At Your Service

If this is a Red deck, why are half of your Resources not Red?
:) I would definitely drop Roll, BattleChip Geek, and Delicious and Nutritious. Glide, you can keep since he's usually Spent as soon as he's played, though I would drop down to 3 of him because of his 5 Power requirement. I would put in 3 Chaud (ProtoMan's NetOp), 4 A Higher Level (ProtoMan's other Red Resource), and 4 Clean 'Em Out. Lastly, I would drop to 3 MegaMan, once again because of the high Power Requirement.

> Event
> 4 Incredible Speed
> 4 Disaster Strikes
> 4 Impressive Battlers
> 4 Nose Knows

If you make the changes with your Resources that I suggested, you'll have 3 spots open. So, I would definitely suggest putting in Pretty Good Move.

> Thanks again.
> From,
> Stuart Hayden
> Ps to all of the Pojo Staff: THANKS EVERY FOR ALL THE HARD WORK! We all appreciate it.



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