Wednesday, August 25, 2004  COTD reviewer, Christine Gerhardt, has Tournament Report from the Vs. Pro Circuit.  Chris made it all the way to Day 2 on the tour. You can read her report right here.  We'd love to post others tourney reports, and any pictures you may have taken.    


INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana -- August 22, 2004 -- After three days of competition and two different formats, he guided his Fantastic Four/Dr. Doom Common Enemy deck through the Top 8, en route to $40,000 - the largest single payout ever given at a TCG tournament in history. Kibler has been embraced by the Vs. community, as he has been active in the game since it started. He has been practicing and analyzing the format since Marvel Origins first hit the shelves, and his dedication, effort and passion for the game has paid off. Kibler is now the first Pro Circuit Champion, and one that the whole community can be proud of.

The event was surprising for a number of reasons. The heralded Brotherhood team was not represented at all in the Top 8 decks, nor was traditional Fantastic Four. Instead, Common Enemy placed four players into the Top 8, and a YMG designed Rigged Elections deck was played by Craig Edwards to a finals finish. Vs. may be combat oriented, but his $24,000 payday proves that decks that don't require attacking can in fact win at Vs.

Of course, aside from strategy, the set impressed even the most jaded TCG gamer. People from all over Gen Con filed into the hall to marvel at the detail of the judge's table, the Batmobile, the impressive feature match area, the Batman statue, and the four-sided centerpiece with the Danger Room and Daily Planet. Not only is the Pro Circuit the pinnacle of competition, but it also immerses the competitors and spectators in a stunning environment. For those of you who couldn't make it out to Indianapolis, the Pro Circuit will be coming to sunny southern California in December. As you can tell, this is an event that is not to be missed. Pro Circuit history will continue to be written this winter
with a new champion, but Kibler will always be remembered as the first." - Press Release from Upper Deck

Friday, August 20, 2004 We have a live feed today from Upper Deck Entertainment's VS Pro Circuit Tour in Indianapolis. The purse for first place is $40 G's. Now that's livin'!  There were over 200 invitees and qualifiers for Day 1.


Batman welcomes all Gamers to VS Pro Circuit.

Here's a few photos from this morning's action.

Pojo had a phone camera with him while we was there. Here are few photos from this morning's action.  They aren't the greatest quality photos, but at least you get a feel of the money Upper Deck spent on this event.

IQ, one of our trusted Card of the Day reviewers and Featured Writers, played in a First Round Featured Match this morning for the Indy convention crowd.

IQ made the Top 4 at Wizard World in Chicago the previous weekend, but struggled at the Pro Circuit.  He said the environment was way different than what h played against in Chicago.

Scott Gerhardt, another one of our card reviewers also played a Featured Match.  Scott didn't make it to Day 2 on the Pro Circuit, but was 5-1 Saturday in the $10k Challenge.  I'm not sure how Scott finished up.