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Q's Universe

Government 101

Characters: 32

4x Harley Quinn
4x Query and Echo
4x Ratcatcher
4x Ventriloquist as Scarface
2x Mr. Zaz
3x Professor Hugo Strange
3x Two Face
4x Firefly
4x The Joker (3)

Plot Twist: 16

4x Rigged Elections
4x Paralyzing Kiss
4x Prison Break
4x Reconstruction Program

Locations: 12

4x No Man's Land
4x Avalon Space Station
4x Genosha

Ever wondered what life would be like if the Joker was president of the States? I know you think thatís impossible because the Joker is not a real person but tell that to the residents of California who live under the rule of the Terminator. It really makes you wonder doesnít it? 0.o;

With that crazy idea out of our heads letís look at what this deck tries to achieve. This deck has one goal and one goal alone, to win via Rigged Elections. I know, I know, Iím always complaining about decks that are inconsistent and here I stand with a deck that canít win unless you can draw a specific card, and if that wasnít enough you have to draw that card by turn three to have a chance.

The only thing I can say for myself is that this is an alternate victory condition which means I had to kick the concept around and whether I wanted to or not I had to build a deck around it. Yes, I know this deck doesnít only automatically lose to the card that everyone and their grandmother will be playing, Have a Blast. But it will also frustrate you and make you want to kill your opponent for waiting to use it until you had 20 counters on Rigged Election and were already enjoying the sweet, sweet taste of victory.

I have considered all of that and have grown to hate Have a Blast more than you can even begin to imagine because the more games I lost to it the more I wanted to tweak this deck to perfection. Why you ask?
Itís just one of those times when you find a really, really, really totally random deck that defies all logic and that should never, EVER win a single game *cough* Wild Vomit *cough* but you know deep inside thereís potential and that one out of god knows how many matches youíre going to beat one of your friends with it and that victory will be well worth it.
You know the feeling, that feeling when thereís that one guy in your store (because there is one at every store) that is so full of himself and who just loves to talk trash about how great he is and the more he talks the more you want to beat him with something this random just to shut him up if for nothing else.

This deck is that deck, the one that you will use and everyone will tell you how bad of a deck it is, but the second they sit across from you theyíll be more afraid than they have ever been. Not only because they know the game could be over by turn five or six and thereís nothing they will be able to do about it if they donít draw their Have a Blast by then. What if theyíre not playing four? What if they didnít think they needed to pack have a Blast because Ka-Boom! works better against certain decks? When they play against this deck theyíre not trying to win to try to make the cut, or to try to win the tournament. Theyíre playing to win because they will never live it down if they lose, they can lose this match and win the tournament but they know that weeks later everything will be forgot except for one thingÖ ďThatís the guy that lost to Rigged ElectionsĒ.

Now that you know how to freak out your opponent and throw him off his game letís look at what this deck can actually do. The deck itself is not as bad as you would think and is actually very consistent thanks to Prison Break. With this deck all youíre trying to do is get a Rigged Elections in play early in the game, whatever else you might have in your starting hand doesnít matter. No Rigged Elections donít keep it, I even dare say not to keep a hand with a Prison Break in it to shot for the Rigged Elections but that is your call to make and itíll all come down to how lucky youíre feeling.

Once you get Rigged Elections in play just play as many characters as possible and use them to put counters on Rigged Elections. Donít worry about attacking, reinforcing or any of that stuff because youíre in a race against the clock. The only activated ability on your characters you should even think about using is the one on Firefly because heíll buy you more time by keeping your opponentís fatties from dropping.

You have Avalon Space Station and Reconstruction Program to help you use the Joker over and over again. The funny thing about the deck is that you need five resources to get your card drawing engine going but you donít want to have more than five resources in play during your opponentís attack step so you can use Paralyzing Kiss, which is why you have Genosha.

Thatís pretty much all there is to the deck. I have been testing it for three weeks now and this is the best variant I have been able to find which is why I make this open challenge to everyone out there to come up with a better variant that wins via Rigged Elections. Show me what you guys can do and depending on how this challenge goes there might be more in the future with goodies as prizes but first things firstÖ find a better variant. You have 7 days to find one and e-mail it to me, if a better variant is found it will be posted with the name of the person who sent it for bragging rights if for nothing else.

This is Q signing off.



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