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Pojo's Magic Book Reviews

Okay ... Call me Goofy ... but I own just about every Magic: The Gathering book ever printed.  Just one of the many silly things I collect.  About 5 years ago I got into Magic, and I read books to try to become a better player.  I know a lot of people are just getting into Magic now, after learning how to play Pokemon, DBZ, or other CCG's.  So I've taken the time to crank out some Book Reviews from Beginner's perspective for the newbies out there.  Other book reviews will added quite often  - Pojo  

4.0 - "Excellent"
3.0 - "A solid read", 
2.0- "Average Book", 
1.0 - "Spend $$ on boosters instead", 
NR - "not rated", for some reason or another.

I'm looking at what I think are absolutely the best books first ...

Book Title Rating
Magic The Gathering - Official Strategy Guide.  - By Beth Moursund 4.0
M:TG Advanced Strategy Guide - By Mark Justice 4.0
Tournament Reports - By Jamie Wakefield 4.0
Totally Unauthorized Magic: The Gathering - Advanced Players GuideSeveral Authors 4.0
Magic Cards Simplified for Player Parents & Beginners - George Baxter 3.5
The Deck Builder's Guide - Tim Dedopulos 3.5

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail us at BookReviews@pojo.com.  If you are an author or publisher, and want me to review one of your books.  Feel free to mail me a copy. (hasn't happened yet, but you never know)




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