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Below are all the books We've reviewed to date.  Just click on the title to read a full review, and to see the cover of the book.  

4.0 - "Kick Ass"
3.0 - "A solid read", 
2.0- "Average Book", 
1.0 - "Spend $$ on boosters instead", 
NR - "not rated", for some reason or another.

Book Title Rating
M:TG - The Official Guide to Urza's Saga - Will McDermott 3.0
M:TG Advanced Strategy Guide - Mark Justice 4.0
Magic: The Gathering - Official Encyclopedia - Volume 3 3.0
Official Guide to Portal - Second Age - Beth Moursund 3.0
The Art of Magic : The Art of the Rath Cycle NR
Tournament Reports for Magic: The Gathering - by Jamie Wakefield 4.0
Magic: The Gathering - The Official Deckbuilder's Guide 3.5
Magic The Gathering - Official Strategy Guide.   - By Beth Moursund 4.0
Magic: The Gathering - The Official Guide to Tempest.  - Beth Moursund 3.0
Magic The Gathering - Official Encyclopedia - Volume 1 3.0
Magic The Gathering - Official Encyclopedia  Volume 2 3.0
Totally Unauthorized Magic: The Gathering - Advanced Players Guide 4.0
Magic The Gathering - The Pocket Players Guide 3.0
Dominating Dominia - George Baxter 3.5
Single Card Strategies for Magic: The Gathering 2.0
Baxter on Magic 2.5
Pro Magic - The Art of Professional Deck Construction 1.5
Magic Cards Simplified - For Player Parents and Beginners 3.5
Totally Unauthorized Magic:  - Deck Construction and Strategies 3.0
Mirage Revealed 2.5
Weatherlight Revealed 2.5
Alliances Revealed 2.0
Visions Revealed 2.0
Learn Magic Cards 2.0
Official Guide to Portal   - Beth Moursund 3.0

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to   If a book isn't reviewed here yet, then I have yet to purchase it.  If you are an author or publisher, and want me to review one of your books.  Feel free to mail me a copy. (hasn't happened yet, but you never know)

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