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Surviving IBC
by Ethan Young

Hello, my name is Ethan Young and today I'm going to be showing you one of my decks that I have been test playing for I.B.C " Invasion Block Constructed." Which as we all know will be the format for the New Orleans P.T.Q.'s. and therefore becomes more important to people who are not already on the pro-tour.

One of the great advantages to the Invasion cycle is the big boost that Red, and Green got. So out of those cards came decks like fires. Now a little bit later in the Cycle with 7th edition now present Black has become a very strong color, and with the boost that it gets from red you can add in enough removal to end a lot of creature decks.

Unfortunately it is still unable to beat "Fires" decks in the current constructed format. But move into "Invasion" block, and "Fires" has lost most of its mana acceleration and becomes slower and therefore more vulnerable to decks running R-B removal.

So here is the deck.

4x nightscape familiar
4x phyrexian scuta
4x blazing specter
4x pyre zombie
4x skizzik
4x urza' rage
3x void
4x terminate
4x diabolic intent
1x obliterate

4x urborg volcano
10x swamp
10x mountain


4x addle
3x obliterate
2x cremate
2x ghitu fire
1x void
2x cinder shade
2x plague spiters

Now here's the thing there are a lot of control decks being run in I.B.C. such as the "solution" but these decks were built mainly to deal with the "fires" type decks, and not against R-B so that gives you a lot of advantage. However they can still screw you up pretty good if your not careful, and with this deck your going to have a lot of dead weight main deck playing against "control" so you have to sideboard wisely.

The cards that you play in sideboard in I.B.C. are a lot different from the one's played in Type II. Reason being is that you don't have a big card base to work with as far as devastating cards go. You no longer have Boil against W-U and you don't have Tsabo's web against people running port. So you have to work with what you got.

Here is how I came to the conclusion to run certain cards in the sideboard.
A second turn addle is great for getting absorb and exclude out of the hands of control mage's. Obliterate is a must when playing against W-U especially if you are running pyre zombie and you could care less if that goes to the grave yard. Cremate can be nice in the mirror match if they have pyre zombies, or crypt angel. Ghitu fire is in there incase the rage's have to come out. An extra void is nice against "Fires", and plague spiters get the life totals down quickly if you are playing a W-U deck, then you can drop Skizzik at the right time then go for the throat.

There are still some deck's being tested right now with the addition of Apocalypse and so the side board might have to be changed up a bit. But still I think that this is a good, and very underplayed deck at the moment. So use this deck as a starting point and go from there. By no means are any of this decks cards set in stone.

Have a nice day, and if you're not to busy go check out Dequan Watson's articles in the Dragon's Den.

Ethan Young

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