The Dedication (Because I can!) - This one is dedicated to my good friend
Frank, who is the first one I know who broke the combo between the three.
Ehjoy the article everyone.  Sorry, Danny, you've broken a lot of bad cards,
but you didn't do this one nearly as well as Frank!

Let's continue with the series by killing two cards with one stone, or
rather putting this two dung rares into one deck.

This combo is a generally forgotten one, but can be rather potent.  For
those of you who see it, it's the Puzzle Box-Tyranny Combo, which can be
incredibly broken in many forms.

The Puzzle Box, which is an artifact for I think 3, and reads (since it's
too hard to explain) "At the beginning of each players upkeep, that player
puts their hand on the bottom of their library, and draws that many cards."

Phyrexian Tyranny cost RBU, is an enchantment which is when a player draws a
card, he or she either pays 2 life or 2 mana.

See the combo?  If you don't, you shouldn't be in this game.

Still, the deck needs to be faster than just these 2 rares, which will
coincidentially eat up 8 cards from the deck.  It needs another way of
making your opponent loose life.  Enter Whirlpool Rider, another way of
forcing your opponent to draw cards.  He, like all the other Whirlpool
cards, makes you shuffle your hand into your deck and draw that many cards,
but he, for a red, sacrifices to do the same effect to every player.

So, there's your base of the deck, four of each of those cards.  Now, this
combo also needs back up in the form of keeping your opponent from paying
the 2, and forcing them to loose 2 life.  Thus, Mana Short is a good
addition to your deck, since it helps to keep your opponent from paying for

Mana Vapors is also really good in their deck.

There's your lock down, but there's still one flaw that can be corrected.
Now, you don't want your own Puzzle Box killing you, so Grafted Skullcap,
and it's willing combo card Ensnaring Bridge are good for this deck.  Which
gives you a choice:  run an essessive ammount of anti mana cards, or run
this combo and run little to no mana denial.

Still, Grafted Skullcap, even in only multiples of one or two, is needed.
Ensnaring Bridge is up to you, though.

Basically, the rest of the deck is up to you.  Bounce in the form of
Waterfront Bouncer is good for putting down early game offensives, and an
effective way of searching for the cards, such as Rhystic Tutor or even
Diabolic Intent would be good.

Now, card drawing is the polar opposite of what you want.  Fact or Fiction
is, well, kind of useless with Grafted Skullcap.  Still, without Grafted
Skullcap, Fact or Fiction would be the best of the drawing engines to play,
because even with Tyranny in play, you aren't drawing cards, your revealing,
separating, and choosing, hence, you bypass the Tyranny's ability.

Okay, i think I've got across all I can on the strategy, so now for the
decks.  I have two for you this time.   The first one is Frank's busted
version (This deck is broken, and will remain broken), and the second is my
version, because I couldn't help but create one of my own.

Franks's Deck
Creatures (8)
4 Whirlpool Warrior
4 Waterfront Bouncer

Spells (15)
4 Phyrexian Tyranny
4 Mana Short
2 Rhystic Tutor
2 Diabolic Intent
2 Fact or Fiction
1 Mana Vapors

Artifacts (12)
4 Grafted Skullcap
4 Ensnaring Bridge
4 Teferi's Puzzle Box

Land (25)
4 Rishadan Port
4 Forsaken City
3 City of Brass
3 Sulfurous Springs
1 Shivan Reef
6 Island
4 Swamp

Okay, this is Frank's Deck, the busted version that has the potential to win
a lot of the time.  How, though?  It looks like it couldn't possibly win,
let alone get past the third turn without screwing up in a tangled mess of
spells, cards, and combos?  Well, that's why this deck couldn't win a
tournament if it tried, but it is still a pretty evil version.

Its major weakness is that five turn window in which he uses to set this
deck up for lockdown.  More or less, if your opponent can jump on the first
five to six turns, you'll be tied between setting up that combo, and letting
yourself get killed by your opponent.

Okay, now my version.

The Heretic's Version!
Creatures (4)
4 Whirlpool Warrior

Spells (28)
4 Phyrexian Tyranny
3 Rhystic Tutor
4 Mana Short
3 Mana Vapors
4 Rhystic Lightning
3 Urza's Rage
4 Counterspell
4 Memory Lapse

Artifacts (4)
4 Teferi's Puzzle Box

Land (24)
4 Rishadan Port
2 Dust Bowl
4 Sulfurous Spring
2 Shivan Reef
3 Mountain
4 Swamp
7 Island

My verion is a little more hoaky, but relies much more on keeping your
opponent tapped out instead of on multiple combos, then burning them to
death, or causing them to loose to Tyranny.

Still, the same weakness applies - that five turn window will kill you, and
even more so with this deck.

More weaknesses include both decks inability to win counter wars, being
stuck without your combo, and relatively no way to get it, and the enemy of
every deck, the blue control deck.

Still, this deck is a rather fun deck to play, and is simply ment to be that
way.  Anyway,  have fun playing, hope you enjoyed watching me break yet
another idiotic card, and hope you come back and watch me break another
horrible rare.

Over and Out,
John Hornberg, The "Happy Heretic" and Champion of the Stupid Rare!

Have a suggestion?  Want me to break something I haven't yet?  Or just want
some deck help?  Just send me an e-mail at  Now,
when school starts, it'll be hard for me to reply to a lot of e-mails, so no
offense ment if I don't reply to you.  I'm not singling out, I just have to
negotiate my schedule, and many times, replying to e mail isn't my priority.

Don't feel left out, I do that to my friends a lot unfortuantely.