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February 4, 2009

soul link soul hope



Wall of hope x4

Wall of souls x4

Aruamancer x3

Angelic wall x3

Souls of the faultless x4

Maddening imp x2

Walking Desecration x2

Minion of the wasts x4



Pariah's sheald x4



Anglelic chorus x2

Test of Endurance x2

Soul link x4



Beacon of immortality x2



Orzhov Basilica x4

Plains x9

Swamp x7


This is a legecy deck. How it works is geting creatures on the feild that can block and ether do damage or heal depending on what one you used. Wall of hope gains life, wall of souls deals damage, Souls of the faultless dose both. soul link gives extra healing effect to your creatures that stack and aruamancer can bring back any enchantments lost to your hand. haveing one Pariah's sheald on the feild with any creature makes a strong defence and sence it redirects damage to them their effects trigger ether doing masive damage or healing.. only thing is people arent stupid so you have to force them to attack if needed so maddening imp and walking descreation do just that. wining the game can be ether done with minion of the wasts giveing up some health to just trample over anything or test of endurance because gaining life is just to easy for this deck. This deck is still being worked on so i'am looking for some feedback to help this deck come along.

Thank you,

-Nick Lange

E-mail moroii32@aim.com



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