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January 10, 2009

Darigaaz, the Igniter Elder Dragon Highlander Deck by Jake

As many of you may know, there's a
quite popular format called Elder Dragon Highlander or EDH.  This format is kind of a takeoff of Highlander which is a format either played with 60 or 100 cards with no duplicates except for basic lands.  EDH decks are 100 cards counting the General.

the basic official rules:

  • 100 card highlander deck counting General
  • start with 40 life and lose when having 0 or less life
  • alternate losing condition is having taken 21 or more combat damage from a General
  • cards can only contain mana symbols in your general's colors
  • all mana created outside of your general's colors is treated as colorless

The main reason people enjoy EDH is basically the same as the reason anyone enjoys multiplayer.  The Timmy Factor - bigger more flashier spells you'd normally wouldn't play, you get to play.  Cards like Plague Wind or Insurrection?  Oh yes.  Now for Elder Dragon
Highlander you start by picking a General.  The General must be a Legendary Creature.  Be careful as in picking a general because the General's colors must be the only colors in your deck.  Although this is a casual format and some playgroups may allow cards such as Memnarch to be your general I'll be focusing on the official rules.  Even activated abilities of the cards chosen must not have colors outside your general's.  At the beginning of the match you remove your General from the game.  You may play your general for its mana cost at anytime and if it goes to the graveyard you may remove it from the game again and play it for 2 more colorless for each time it's removed this way.  Although you can play your general at anytime, there's no rule saying you ever have to play it.  Although this is a casual format and some playgroups may allow cards such as Memnarch to be your general I'll be focusing on the official rules.

As usual when playing a multiplayer format you'll be focusing on cards that give you options or hit multiple targets.  Board sweeping effects are excellent in multiplayer and Confiscate type cards are excellent because of your opponents having Generals.  Since you're in highlander, tutor type cards are also great.

 In my opinion you should pick your favorite colors as EDH is about having fun.  I'm a big fan of Red and Black, and my third favorite is probably a tie between green and white.  I checked for legends in these colors and found the Invasion Dragons Darigaaz, the igniter and Rith, the Awakener.  I chose Darigaaz.  Always when playing highlander try to find a theme to go by as there are thousands of cards to pick from and it can be confusing/overwhelming otherwise. 

And the decklist i went with:

General: Darigaaz, the Igniter

Lands: 33
1  Jund Panorama

6  Forest
5  Swamp
8  Mountain
1  Barren Moor
1  Forgotten Cave
1  Tranquil Thicket
1  Terramorphic Expanse
1  Savage Lands
1  Skarrg, the Rage Pits
1  Molten Slagheap
1  Fungal Reaches
1  Darigaaz's Caldera
1  Sulfurous Springs
1  Graven Cairns
1  Dakmor Salvage
1  Highland Weald

Creatures: 28
1  Eternal Witness
1  Shriekmaw
1  Bogardan Hellkite
1  Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
1  Chandra Nalaar
1  Broodmate Dragon

1  Hellkite Overlord
1  Sprouting Thrinax
1  Mycoloth
1  Farhaven Elf
1  Nantuko Husk
1  Scryb Ranger
1  Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni
1  Withered Wretch
1  Wort, the Raidmother
1  Greater Gargadon
1  Civic Wayfinder
1  Mogg War Marshal
1  Caller of the Claw
1  Dragon's Herald
1  Vexing Shusher
1  Flametongue Kavu
1  Caldera Hellion
1  Rendclaw Trow
1  Murderous Redcap
1  Dregscape Zombie
1  Marsh Flitter
1  Siege-Gang Commander
1  Gleancrawler
1  Liliana Vess

Other Spells: 38
1  Krosan Grip
1  Brainspoil
1  Firespout
1  Runes of the Deus

1  Shatterstorm
1  Hull Breach
1  Hush
1  Terror
1  Kodama's Reach
1  Incendiary Command
1  Harmonize
1  Journeyer's Kite
1  Jund Charm
1  Umezawa's Jitte
1  Grab the Reins
1  Word of Seizing
1  Wild Ricochet
1  Putrefy
1  Ancient Grudge
1  Insidious Dreams
1  Tooth and Nail
1  Sudden Shock
1  Diabolic Tutor
1  Torrent of souls
1  Grave Pact
1  Terminate
1  Everlasting Torment
1  Bone Splinters
1  Molten Disaster
1  Damnation
1  Fires of Yavimaya
1  Saproling Burst
1  Violent Ultimatum
1  Profane Command
1  Shattering Spree

So in here I basically have a very Jund type deck.  Tokens, sacrificing, and big dragons.  I try to either beat down with big flyers and my removal or build an army with kiki-jiki copying token makers like Broodmate as the tokens stay in play after the copy is sacrificed.   

Some combos i like to go for when playing:

Kiki-Jiki, the mirror breaker + a creature with a comes into play effect and there's a lot

Kiki-Jiki + Hellkite Overlord = scary good.

With Wort out you can conspire any red or green noncreature spell.  Like how bout conspiring Molten Disaster? with kicker?  or Terminate?  how bout conspiring a command or...2?  There's a reason people pick this card not just as a compliment to thier EDH decks but AS the General. 

That's all for me, thanks for checking out my article and go have fun Playing EDH if your playgroup isn't already loving it.


Credit goes to Sheldon Menery and his friends for bring EDH to the public eye as a popular format.    Please visit the official EDH forums for more information



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