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Dredge-atog Peasant
Name   Qty
Dimir Aqueduct  1
Golgari Rot Farm 1
Forest    2
Swamp    5
Island    8
Terramorphic Expanse 3
Traitor's Clutch 3
Probe   2
Tolarian Winds  4
Duress   4
Careful Study  4
Deep Analysis  4
Ghastly Demise  4
Psychatog  4
Shambling Shell  4
Greater Mossdog  4
Stinkweed Imp  4
Morgue Theft  3
Echoing Truth  4
Distress  4
Coffin Purge  4
Dredge-atog, I've made top 4 in every tourn i've played with it, its extended format. I've based it on the old Psychatog before Bridge came out. It works the same way.
James LaCombe aka. Baltain



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