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Elemental Infusion - V.L. Sigma

I'm back again everyone! This time I'm reviewing Red's new presence in Magic with the coming of Lorwyn. Red Deck Wins (RDW) hasn't seen very much play as of late, but I have a feeling that's about to change when Lorwyn hits standard.

Remember when you played those Green elf decks that used Thorn Elemental as a finisher? Man, how I wanted to use elementals more, but each one was to huge to put in with out mana acceleration, hence the elves. That's about to change. With the new Flamekin tribe(not to be confused with Flame-kin from Ravnica), elemental decks now have a shot at being playable and competitive.

Here's an idea for you to ponder. Soulbright Flamekin gives trample for 2, and when you do this three times in 1 turn, you have the option of getting 8 red mana into your pool. What to use this mana for? Normally I'd say a big creature, but then I thought of Char Rumbler. he's originally a -1/3 for 3 and 2 red, but he has built-in firebreathing and doublestrike. You can use the mana first time to power out the rumbler, and then next turn to make a 7/3 with double strike, and probably trample from the flamekin. Massive damage potential there.

To get the mana for the trample, you could use Braid of Fire from Cold Snap. Getting a R per age counter every tum can help if you build around it. Use the mana to pump out trample, and keep in mind that you can apply Trample more than once on a creature altough there's no benefit to doing it other than spending mana. Once the magic number of 3 is hit, use that mana to make your rumbler.

Well, there you go, another glimpse into my mind. Make sure you turn off the lights before you leave. Take care all and happy days!

V.L. Sigma

Anyone who wants to contact me for tips, deck help, ideas, or general rants fell free to contact me at vamplordsigma@gmail.com. Please help keep the Vikings away: SAY NO TO SPAM !


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