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NAME: Amrou Rebellion
COLOR: White / Black
FORMAT: Legacy
        The kithkin cards have not had much spotlight for themselves and neither have the rebels, (excluding Rebels Unite) but this deck uses both types to its advantage, using the rebel effects, white weenie creatures backed with select strong ones, and many enchantments to give your weak creatures an extra toughness boost. Enough Artifacts to keep you alive, and enough spells to stop your opponent and give you the advantage. Straight up cheap tricks, pure Rebel style.


14x Plains
8x Swamps

2x Nightwind Glider
2x Noble Elephant*
2x Amrou Scout
2x Angel Of Salvation
3x Mistmeadow Skulk
2x Wizened Cenn
4x Amrou Seekers
1x Aven Riftwatcher
1x Augur il-vec
1x Kinsbaile Baloonist
1x Graven Dominator
1x Burrenton Forge-Tender
1x Oriss, Samite Gaurdian
1x Riftmarked Knight
1x Knight Of The Holy Nimbus
1x Knight Of Sursi
1x Kithkin Healer
1x Goldmeadow Lookout

2x Astral Steel
2x Serras Hymn
2x Return To Dust
2x Marshaling Cry
3x Lumithread Field
2x Gift Of Granite
2x Dawn Charm
1x Roar of The Kha
1x Holy Strength
1x Recuperate
1x Chastise
1x Mantle of Leadership
1x Alabaster Potion
1x Bound In Silence
1x Kithkin Armor

2x Yixlid Jailer
2x Blightspeaker
1x Skirk Ridge Exhumer
1x Magus Of The Abyss

1x Festering March
1x Hideous Laughter

1x Karn, Silver Golem
1x Fountain Of Youth
1x Healers Headdress
2x Sunbeam Spellbomb
1x Squees Toy
1x Tooth Of Chiss-Goria
1x Neurok Hoversail
1x Endoskeleton

Graven Dominator (using haunt effect also) ---- Hideous laughter or Festering March (Destroys all opponents creatures)
Wizened Cenn ------ Any kithkin gets +1/+1


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