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Introductions and Changeling Combos - V.L. Sigma

Hello all, I'm V.L. Sigma, and if you're reading this, then My mission was a success. You see, I've been going to Pojo's site for 3 years now, and I've always found some helpful advice, weather it be from deck fixes, forums, tips, or the card of the day. Now though, it's time I participated in the magic...of Magic.

Yes that was corny, and no I'm not apologizing.

My brain thinks about CCGs and TCGs all the time. I cant stop it, everywhere I go I think of combos, decks, pros and cons of cards, etc. Sometimes I think I'm a little crazier than most people, but it could be a good thing. Hopefully, the powers-that-be at Pojo will let me vent some of my brain activity into their wonderful website. So Gather round everyone, cause Siggy's got an idea...

I'm so happy with what WotC has done with Lorwyn, being a huge fan of tribal. Another thing I like is the inclusion of the Changelings. Yes, they're used to help mingle tribes together, but they also interact with any card that names a creature type as part of the rules text. This will allow for craziness abound. Here are some examples:

-Search out a Mirror Entity with Amrou Scout, and all your tiny rebels aren't so tiny anymore.

-Changelings count ad warriors AND cowards for Boldwyr Intimidator's effects

-Changelings can tap for Patron Wizard, or can be sacrificed for Voidmage Prodigy

-Count as a Goblin for Lorwyn's goblin crew, including Mad Aunite, Boggart Birth Rite and oddly enough, Goatnapper.

I'm sure there are more interesting ideas, but a friend of mine clued me into a loop with Haakon and Basalt Sliver. Every player and their older brother knows about Haakon's combo with Crib Swap. How about Skeletal Changeling though? put that out there with Basalt Sliver, and you have an infinite sacrificial loop. Sac the Changeling to make BB with the sliver's ability, then use the mana to play from your graveyard with Haakon's ability. All you need is a permanent that does something when a creature either comes into play or hits the graveyard. Here's a few:

-Soul Warden

-Essence Warden


-Knucklebone Witch

-Bridge from Below

I call Shenanigans on this combo! *hint, hint* Anyway, that's it for this broadcast. Hope you all enjoyed that little glimpse into my brain cavity. Later days!
V.L. Sigma


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