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From: patrick nance [mailto:big_sweet_chill@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2006 1:31 PM

Subject: my vintage deck 2 (forgot land) - patrick nance

the deck im talking about is a mono black suicide/re-animator that ive been running in tournaments. its a pretty deck altogether with a possibility of getting a third turn kill. ive played it in about 12 tournaments and every one i entered i at least got third place.

it uses small creatures like black knight and nantuko shades to get quick kills on anybody it also has two wicked akubas for certain decks (worship) but are altogether good cards my deck also uses necropotence for massive card-drawing and ivory tower combo'ed with library of leng to gain your life back which retroactively gains life into the intervals of 100's and put massive beatdown with nightmare lashes and re-animation creatures such as scion of darkness and avatar of woe. but the most important thing to think about is that this deck is not based on re-animation but more to the lines of suicide. it also has alot of disruptive factors too using hymn to tourachs, mind twist, and diabolic edict that all lead up a massive haunting echoes for the game, my sideboard uses massive creature destruction for goblins, elves, and anything else that bases around that idea, ensnaring bridges replace nightmare lashes for decks with big nasties and also lawan,chephald empress, anti-land destruction, atifact sideboard, i also use glooms and defence grids. now here it is

buddy's beatdown black deck (66cards)


x4 nantuko shades

x4 black knights

x2 wicked akubas

x1 scion of darkness

x1 avatar of woe

x1 laquatus's champion


x4 diabolic edicts

x1 vampiric tutor

x4 dark rituals

x1 kaervek's spite

x1 entomb


x4 hymn to tourachs

x2 duress

x1 mind twist

x1 yawgmoth's will

x1 demonic tutor

x2 haunting echoes


x4 animate dead

x1 necropotence


x1 mox jet

x2 nightmare lashes

x1 library of leng

x1 ivory tower

x1 sol ring

x1 mana vault


x18 swamps

x2 cabal coffers

side board:

x4 glooms

x4 engineered plague

x2 ensnaring bridges

x2 nevinraal's disks

x1 llawan chephald empress

x2 defense grid

Buddy Nance

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