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From: Jonathan Chapman
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2006 12:32 AM

Subject: Peasant Magic Deck: G/B Spirit Beatdown - Jonathan Chapman

G/B Spirit Beatdown

4x Bile Urchin (Spirit)
4x Lose Hope
3x Rancor

3x Last Gasp
1x Vulshok Morning Star
4x Dripping-Tongue Zubera (Spirit)

3x Rend Flesh
1x Moldervine Cloak (Uncommon)
3x Elder Pine of Jukai (Spirit/Soulshift) 4x Phantom Tiger (Spirit)

4x Kami of Empty Graves (Spirit/Soulshift) 4x Phantom Centaur (Uncommon/Spirit)

(22) Land
11 Swamp
11 Forest

This deck takes advantage of the Soulshift mechanic, as well as the spirit's damage prevention from Judgement. Start by buying time in the early game with Lose Hope and Last Gasp, killing elves or goblins. Build up some mana and start playing spirits. Vulshok and Cloak will make the Phantoms unkillable by damage. Rancor will make your guys more of a threat. Jukai can draw cards if left unchecked, but even if killed will net a Zubera or an Urchin. Use the Rend Flesh's sparingly for larger creatures. Don't be afraid to trade often, as they will run out of steam while you won't. Against decks with shadow or flying, you'll need to concentrate your creature kill. Fortunately most of those creatures are */1's, which makes Lose Hope all the better. Don't forget you can kill creatures in response to Rancor to make the spell fizzle so it won't come back. Hope these tips help and enjoy the deck.


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