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From: Jonathan Chapman [mailto:necrom23@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, February 05, 2006 11:50 AM

Subject: Peasant Magic Deck: WW Righteous Rush Jonathan Chapman

WW Righteous Rush

(16) 1CC
4x Soltari Foot Soldier
4x Suntail Hawk
4x Lantern Kami
4x Bonesplitter

(12) 2CC
4x Pacifism
4x Raise the Alarm
4x Soltari Trooper

(8) 3CC
4x Righteous Charge
2x Army of Allah
2x Devouring Light

(3) 4CC
3x Battle Screech

(21) Land
21 Plains

First of all, realize this deck absolutely gets owned by Pyroclasm-effects and random pingers. I don't see a lot of decks in this format running those, so I think it's an appropriate choice. The point is to play as many creatures, early, on as you can and take a few chunks out of your opponent's life count. Then finish it up with a mid-game Charge or Allah. Raise the Alarm and Battle Screech give you a powerful mid-game. You can win as early as turn 4 if not met by any resistance. Burn, without sweeper spells, can't keep up with all your creatures, and Splitter and the pump make your deck much more efficient if they decide to race.

The typical games go:

Turn 1: Plains, Kami
Turn 2: Plains, Trooper (swing for 1)
Turn 3: Plains, Hawk, (swing for 3) pass, Raise The A Turn 4: Charge, (swing for 16)


Turn 1: Plains, Foot Soldier
Turn 2: Plains, pass, Raise the Alarm (swing for 1) Turn 3: Plains, Hawk, Bonesplitter, equip (swing for
Turn 4: Army, swing for (14)


Turn 1: Plains, Hawk
Turn 2: Plains, Soldier, Kami (swing for 1) Turn 3: Pacifism (swing for 3) Turn 4: Plains, Righteous Charge (swing for 9) Turn 5: Army of Allah (swing for 9)

Don't forget that you can use the Screech and Raise tokens to cast Devouring Light for a nice surprise.


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