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From: Mirko Hrženjak [mailto:mirko.hrzenjak@os.t-com.hr]
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 2:44 PM

Subject: Peasant Deck Green Weennie - Mirko

First of all let me confess that I'm rather new to peasant magic. This is one of my first decks that I made for this format.

Ok, this is the decklist:

Trampling weaklings

2x Elvish skysweeper
4x Treetop scout
4x Siege wurm
4x Sakura-Tribe elder
3x Krosan archer
2x Druid lyrist
3x Krosan vorine
3x Elvish berserker

4x Fists of ironwood
3x Overrun (U)
4x Rampant growth
4x Scatter the seeds
2x Reclaim
1x Squirrel Nest (U)
1x Overwhelming instinct (U)

16 forest

2x Reclaim
4x Naturalize
4x Moment's peace
2x Nourish
3x Greater mossdog

The idea of the deck is to use cheap creatures to outnumber your opponent and then play overrun for the kill. Deck is accually faster then it seams. It has 11 one drops and 8 two drops (including fists) so you can count on playing scatter the seeds as early on turn 3. Siege wurms and archers are here to help you late game if something goes wrong (like if your opponent is even faster then you or if he has millions of burn spells). Deck has only 16 lands so rampant growth and sakura are your best friends. Never take a hand without at least two lands.
Side is obvious I think except maybe Greater mossdog. He is here to help you against black distruction and blue counters, maybe even red burn (hmm, should I make him main deck?!).
Deck is very fun to play and has the abilty to suprise opponents with good starting hands. Hope you like it :)

Send your oppinions and the rest to boris_os@net.hr

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