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From: Jonathan Chapman [mailto:necrom23@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, February 19, 2006 4:15 PM

Subject: GW Fun With Tokens - White Green - Jonathan Chapman

Fun with Tokens

(12) 1CC
4x Llanowar Elves
4x Soul Warden
4x Chatter of the Squirrel

(12) 2CC
4x Fists of Ironwood
4x Raise the Alarm
4x Selesnya Evangel

(6) 3CC
4x Righteous Charge
2x Army of Allah

(9) 4CC+
4x Battle Screech
1x Overrun
4x Scatter the Seeds

(21) Land
4x Selesnya Sanctuary
8x Plains
9x Forest

This deck is easy to understand and is a blast to play. You try to drop a Warden or Elf first turn and then keep racking up tokens, using Evangel as much as possible along the way. When you can, finish off your opponent with Overrun, Charge, or Army of Allah.
Don't forget to play creatures before Scatter the Seeds to reduce it's cost even more. If you get multiple Charges and 4-5 creatures and they're not playing removal then start beating them down instead of making more creatures. They'll probably be swinging at you with anything bigger than a 3/3 anyways. Also don't be afraid to take the punches.
Don't lose creatures unless you have a steady supply and need to buy time (i.e. they have a Blastoderm or
Centaur) because those creatures are your win potential.

The deck's weaknesses are land destruction and mass creature removal. You should be able to race other decks, and Warden definitly helps. The deck definitly loses to a god-draw in the Black Shadow deck, but what doesn't without creature removal? I had thought about adding in more creature disruption (such as Pacifism, Reprisal, or Fetters), but decided the deck should stay true to what it does. I also originally had some Grizzly Fates in there, but decided against them because a) the deck doesn't get threshold fast enough to get the 4 tokens on time b) the deck has enough trouble getting 4 mana without being flooded and c) the effect isn't nearly as big as Overrun.

I put the Sanctuaries in there for mana-fixing, as much as I hate them at times. They can also help you build up to the 4-5 mana range and don't take up valuable non-land card slots. You might consider switching the deck a bit to run Harrow, but the problem there is that you have to either take spell/creature slots or drop land slots (which makes the deck less consistant). Therefore you may decide, as I have, just to leave the Sanctuaries in. After turn 2 you're hardly going to notice the "comes into play tapped" bit anyways.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the deck. I'm sure it will get better as newer cards come out.

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