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From: Max [mailto:maxmax@neobee.net]
Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2006 4:39 PM
To: magiccrew@pojo.com
Subject: Fw: Ultra MonoGreen Elf deck [by Burn_To_Fade] extended - Max



4 x Heedless One

4 x Timberwatch elf

4 x Wellwisher

4 x Elvish warrior

4 x Llanovar elves

4 x Wirewood herald

4 x Silhana Ledgewalker


2 x primeval etchings

2 x spidersilk armor


4 x Wirewood lodge

Forests as needed (I use 16)

This is the main part, optional cards could be

Overrun (with maybe Symbiotic elves or something)

Elven soultiller (all U need is one 'cuz you can pull him out with a Wirewood herald)

Llanovar sentinel (a great card,but I hate it don't ask why)

Elvish champion (just for fun)

Moment's peace or Tangle

Priestess of titania (even more mana and less lands)

Sylvan messenger (more elves bwahaha)

Bloodline shaman (use with caution!)

Wirewood pride (look,my little 1/1 elf is now a 44/44 how cute)...

Of course, there is the point of enchantments and artifacts. For those I used Sundering Vitae cards, or elvish Lyrist/scrapper combination

another combination I used was 4 crowns of Vigor and 2 Beastmaster's Magemarks...

The point of this deck is to trample the enemy ASAP. Good if you get a Llanovar elf in your starting hand, and if you have a priestess of titania-your mana problems are settled. A lot of those cards say "for every elf in play"(Heedless one,wellwisher,timberwatch elf,priestess of titania,Wirewood pride) so you get them in as fast as you can. You don't have to block cuz' you have Wellwishers,and If you have to,there's the spidesilk armor to give you an extra edge. Use heralds to get the creatures you need sooner,and Primeval etchings will solve no-cards-in-hand-all-the-time problems. Wirewood lodges are great-get extra life with wellwishers or kick your enemy extra hard with Timberwatch elves (+ledgewalkers so he can't block you)




By the way if you have a comment on my deck or if you have any suggestions on elven or red/blue decks feel free to mail me.

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