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Jacob Robinson
Subject: Stuffy's Return (WR) By Jacob Robinson


Mana accel and draw power allow me to reach stuffy immensely quickly, the I add Pariah's shield and a Furnace of Rath to the mix, meet unavoidable stoppage. Damage at my life reflects back to my opponent at 4 times the power. Skred allows for removal of strong creatures, while any weenies suffer at the hands of Pyroclasm and Martyr (not to mention more stuffy burn (with furnace of rath 8 damage)). En-Kors reflect damage from MoA and Pyro onto stuffy. Also, with 2, furnace of rath and a stuffy, infinite damage is dealt ( they reflect damage back and forth, furnace of rath doubling continuosly, then pass on to stuffy). Faith's Fetters is to keep me alive in the case of a terrible draw (never been needed yet, still, better safe than sorry).


Hope  you've all enjoyed this, Jacob Robinson


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