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From: Watson, James J. CS2
Sent: Sunday, August 27, 2006 8:30 PM
To: magiccrew@pojo.com
Subject: Enchantments wall - James Watson


With is type 1 deck, you are able to make is so that no one can attack you, do any direct damage to you, or get rid of your enchantments.  O, and if they think they have found a way to do any of the above, well that is what the handy dandy counter spells are for!


Lands 23

10 X Islands

8  X Plains

5  X Forest



Enchantments  16

4 X Island Sanctuary

4 X Mystic Decree

4 X Ivory Mask

4 X Sterling Grove


Artifacts 12

4 X Howling Mine

2 X Ebony Owl Netsuk

2 X Ivory Crane Netsuk

1 X Feldons’ Kane

2 X Millstone

1 X Sol Ring


Counterspells 16

4 X Counter Spell

4 X Arcane Denial

4 X Mana Leak

4 X Condescend


Total Cards 67



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