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From: tkrisko3
Subject: A Reanimator deck

First to say that I do not know if you already have this kind of deck in your list, but anyways, here's a little deck I like very much.

Also this version is constructed type cause I made it quite a while ago (before my big magic pause) :)

So, it's black-white reanimator, let's just call it Reanimator, or if it's not original enough call it "Apocalypse on the doorstep", short is AOTD


4x Plains

3x Tainted Well

14x Swamp

1x Cabal Coffers


4x Laquatus's champion

4x Patrol Hound

2x Hypnox

2x Reya Dawnbringer

1x Glory

1x Avatar of Woe (please note that originally I planned to have Spirit of the night instead, but due to a lack of card I play with Avatar, wich also comes handy)


4x Burried Alive

4x Duress

4x Addle

3x Breath of Life

3x Zombify

2x Exhume

2x Worship

2x Diabolic Turor

So strategy is the following:

You play duress/addle in the beginning to get rid of opponent's cards that might stop you (counterspells, destroy spells... later maybe disenchants...)

After you get 3 mana you play burried alive, burying either reya, glory and avatar (or hypnox) or 3 laquatus's champions, tricky part is to decide wich option is better regarding opponents style of play...).

Patrol hound is here so you can toss your creatures from hand into graveyard.

Glory protect your creatures, and also grants them "a free passage" to enemy when attacking.

Worship is solution if opponent somehow kicks you to only few HP, in cause of burn, etc...



Deck build by Krisko

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