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zombie deck- matthew elmes- extended

From: Matt Elmes [mailto:matthewelmes86@hotmail.com]
Sent: Monday, June 13, 2005 5:53 AM

Subject: zombie deck- matthew elmes- extended

20 x swamp

2 x abyssal spectre
3 x maggot carrier
3 x severed legion
1 x sengir vampire
1 x carrion feeder
1 x soulless one
3 x nantuko husk
1 x carnophage
1 x carrion wurm
2 x undead warcheif
1 x gravedigger
1 x cackling fiend

20 x creature

2 x dark ritual
2 x dark banishing
2 x megrim
1 x last laugh
1 x duress
1 x rancid earth
1 x sever soul
1 x ostracize
1 x smother
1 x diabolic intent
1 x zombify
1 x unnerve
1 x shades form
1 x last caress
1 x corrupt
1 x waste away
1 x befoul

20 x other

As you can see my deck works best when I can quickly summon smaller zombie-type creatures such as 'maggot carrier' etc in the first one or two moves. At the start I am also trying to pick cards which will be able to kill the larger creatures my opponent is sure to bring out (dark banishing), keeping their side of the table empty. I then try to build up enough manna so that I am in a position to summon better creatures who can deal direct damage to an opponent ('severed legion', 'sengir vampire'), all the while trying to give the opponent as little chioces as possible using discarding creatures such as 'cackling fiend' or socery cards such as 'unnerve'. If I have one or both of my megrim's out this works all the better. By the end if all goes well I will have their side of the table clean leaving me to use my direct damage creatures until they finally are beaten.

Matthew Elmes- matthewelmes86@hotmail.com

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