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From: Pat Hanna [mailto:phanna1@earthlink.net]
Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2005 6:17 PM

Subject: Quick Elf Peasant deck - Pat Hanna

Quick Elf Peasant deck

This is a take off of the first magic deck I ever made, except without the mega-helpful rare cards.

4 Timberwatch Elf -- These are for mega boosting
3 Quirion Elves -- For quick mana sources
3 Defiant Elf -- The main attackers later on
2 Llanowar Elves -- More quick mana
2 Wood Elves -- More quick mana
2 Wirewood Elf -- More quick mana
2 Wirewood herald -- For retrieving your Timberwatch elves or defiant elves
1 Wirewood Channeler -- More quick mana
1 Wellwisher -- A little extra life never hurt
1 Treetop Scout -- An alternate major attacker

2 Heedless One -- Boosting all of your elves
1 Fyndhorn Elder -- More quick mana

3 Monstrous Growth -- Duh
2 Wild Might --Duh
2 Elvish Guidance -- More quick mana
2 Wirewood Pride -- MEGA boosting
1 Treetop Bracers -- Boosting and unblockability <----- my own word
1 Respite -- Time for defense and security
1 Sudden Strength -- Duh
1 Invigorate -- Duh

2 Blanchwood Armor -- Mega Duh

Lands:21 Forests -- For playing spells and creatures

Total:61 -- To play the game

The way to use this deck is to get out as many elves that add mana to your pool as quickly as possible, hopefully with the Timberwatch elf or two. You should have 2 or 3 Monstrous Growth/Blanchwood Armor type cards in your hand. Finding suitable blockers won't be a problem with so many creatures in the deck. Around the fifth turn, you should have 4 mana and 5 or 6 elves out, one (or more) of which should be the Timberwatch elves and a defiant elf and hopefully a heedless one. wait for your opponent to attack with most or all of his creatures, since he thinks you just have a quick but weak deck. Now is your chance to boost up your defiant elf, which has trample. Give it a couple of monstrous growths so now its a 9/9. Now attach a blanchwood armor and it's a 13/13. And for the last touch, tap those two timberwatch elves to add 6/6 twice and its a...hold on...let me calculate...A WHOPPING 25/25 WITH TRAMPLE! Attack, and if your opponent isn't dead yet, they will be next turn.

P.S. for non-peasant play, you can add (1) Elvish Champion, (1) Voice of the Woods, (1) Predator Flagship, (1) Elvish Aberration, and another Fyndhorn Elder.

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