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From: john hoffman [mailto:john121hoffman121@msn.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 1:54 PM

Subject: Peasent Deck - John Hoffman


Kjeldoran Dead 3
Unworthy dead 1
restless dead 4
walking dead 4
dahuti slayer 3
looming shade 1
skitering skirge 4
kadaverous knights 2
dahuti horror 3

raise dead 3
unholy strength 3
dark banishing 3
terror 3
dark ritual 3

swamp 24

This deck i made for a simple reason and thats to stop your oponents attacks while he is helpless to stop yours. In this deck i acomplished it by puting in regeneration creatures and some shadow and cretures that boost there own attack. There are quite a bit of lands due to regeneration and the looming shades affect. This deck stops your oponents attacks during his turn and deals a good bit of damage in your turn. Like every one knows regeneration cant work all the time thats where my raise dead come in. Ill bring some regeneration creatures from the grave just to make my oponent made with all the cretures coming back. Also i put the unholy strengths to boost any cretures attack but ill use them on my looming shade as often as i can. I also know my oponent might get great big creatures so they will be gone to the power of dark banishings and terrors but most of all i put in the dark rituals for easy mana when you only got one and dont want to lose any of your creatures and want to stop your oponents attacks. This deck i built just to make my oponent very made and annoyed by regenerations and shadows but most of all i built it for the power.


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