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From: TrashCanDan514@cs.com [mailto:TrashCanDan514@cs.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:12 PM

Subject: Magic the Gathering Deck: Zombie's Illusion Elemental Spirits by Daniel Abrames
Hey my name is Daniel Abrames and this is my Zombie's Illusion Elemental Spirits Deck,

Monsters x25
Swamp Creatures

x1 Nefashu-Zombie Mutant     5 / 3
x1 Dross Crocodile-Zombie Crocodile    5 / 1
x1 Haunted Cadaver-Zombie     2 / 2
x1 Gibbering Kami-Spirit     2 / 2
x2 Emissary of Despair-Spirit     2 / 1
x1 Ashen-Skin Zubera-Zubera Spirit     1 / 2
Island Creatures
x2 Plasma Elemental
-Elemental     4 / 1
x1 Teller of Tales-Spirit     3 / 3
x1 Hazy Homunculus-Illusion     1 / 1
x1 Sneaky Homunculus-illusion     1 / 1
Mountain Creatures
x1 Spark Elemental
-Elemental     3 / 1
x2 Soul of Magma-Spirit     2 / 2
x1 Flame Spirit-Spirit     2 / 3
Forest Creatures
x1 Burr Grafter
-Spirit     2 / 2
x1 Soilshaper-Spirit     1 / 1
Plains Creatures
x1 Kami of the Painted Road
-Spirit     3 / 3
x1 Hundred-Talon Kami-Spirit     2 / 3
x1 Angelic Page-Summon Spirit     1 / 1
x1 Kabuto Moth-Spirit     1 / 2
x1Silent-Cgant Zubera
-Zubera Spirit     1 / 2

Spell Cards x10

x1 Dark Ritual
x1 Coercion
x1 Dark Banishing
x2 Consume Spirit
x1 Etoxic Curse
x1 Unholy Strength
x1 Raise Dead
x1 Regeneration
x1 Monstrous Growth

Land Cards x25

x5 Swamps
x5 Islands
x5 Forests
x5 Plains

About my Creatures-
Well as in my title ''Zombie's Illusion Elemental Spirits you can probly tell my deck has some Zombie creatures, some Illusion creatures, some Elemental creatures, and some Spirits. I would say my stratagey is the Spirits have to power in my deck to attack my opponent directly, my Illusion creatures are used for kinda the same thing, and my Zombies and Elemental creatures are the back up power to protect my other creatures.

About my Spell cards- My Spells are used mostly for Destruction of my opponents points and cards, Regeneration,m and power ups. The destruction is there so i cant get to my opponents points with my extra power creatures instead of just my spirits, the Regeneration is for bringing back all of the downed creatures i need on the field, and power up is for destructing my opponents points quicker [ddddduuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!!!]

Well Thats my Deck is u wanna change it at all e-mail my at TrashCanDan514@cs.com. My name is Daniel Abrames and I'm sigining out.



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