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From: Mercury [mailto:tyler002@ameritech.net]
Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2005 7:05 PM

Subject: Mono Red Pez - Mercury




[4]Lightning Bolt

[4]Lava axe

[4]Volcanic Hammer

[4]Yamabushi Flame

[4]Lava Spike





[1]Wheel Of Fortune

[1]Flame Of The Blood Hand




This is one the fastest decks IMO. Faster turn win with this was 3 turns. This only happened 2/amillion games though... Lol. Anyway, with the speed advantage and the chaos it posesses it can be an annoyance. This was made to purly burn fast pretty much. The only stradegy is when you run out of cards wheel of fortune re-fills you. Anything else is quick burning. -YTK

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