"Tap or Die" Deck by Dalton Walls



From: Arundus@aol.com [mailto:Arundus@aol.com]
Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2005 5:35 PM

    Hello, I designed this "Tap or Die" deck for Type 1, the main focus is to stunt your opponent's card advantage by countering with cards like Thrull Wizard, and dealing damage with cards such as Rhystic Syphon or Seizures. Your life should also be protected by tapping or destroying your opponent's creatures with cards such as Ring of Gix and Erratic Portal.


Tap or Die



Death Charmer X4

Plague Fiend X4

Thrull Wizard X4



Erratic Portal X4

Ring of Gix X4


Other Spells-

Rhystic Syphon X4

Rhystic Tutor X2

Flay X3

Lim-Duls Hex X2

Nether Void X2

Seizures X4

Soul Strings X3



Swamp X25