Brian Moorhead []
Peasant Threshold Deck by BMoor


Creatures: 19

3 Nimble Mongoose

4 Wild Mongrel

3 Nantuko Calmer

3 Orochi Sustainer

4 Anurid Barkripper

2 Titanic Bulvox

Other Spells: 23

4 Nourish

4 Serpent Skin

4 Fog

4 Lay of the Land

2 Tranquility

2 Far Wanderings

3 Frog Tongue

Lands: 18

2 Centaur Garden

16 Forest


This is a bit of a take on the Odyssey Block "Trounce-O-Matic" preconstructed deck, tinkered to a suitable peasant status.  The focus is to put out some creatures cheaply that get more powerful at threshold.  Wild Mongrel, touted as the best common in Magic in its day, is your best shoy as hastening getting to threshold.  Nimble Mongoose, my personal favorite card, can come out on turn one and still be a threat on turn eight.  You've also got plenty of land search cards to ensure you're not drawing too much land, and Titanic Bulvox is a great late-game play.  For messing with combat math, you've got Serpent Skin, Centaur Garden,  Fog, and Nourish in case you're forced to let damage through.  Frog Tongue is your only way of dealing with flyers short of racing them on the ground, so make good use of it.  The only thing lacking is artifact destruction, unfortunately.


So now that I've supplied you with a peasant deck, I feel the need to branch out.  So I've decided to build a prismatic deck.  And I've decided to hold a poll on what to build the deck around.  So email me at and vote on a deck idea:


A) Myr

B) Panoptic Mirror

C) Humans


When I get what I feel to be enough responses, I'll post a decklist for a Prismatic deck that uses the winning idea as its main purpose.  And since "enough responses" will most likely turn out to be one response, that's all the more reason to write me with your opinion.  Or anything else you've got.  Good luck and good gaming!