Ronaldus []


Cheap*ss Madness


4 basking rootwalla

4 aquamoeba

4 wild mongrel

4 werebear

3 thought courier


2 quiet speculation


3 roar of the wurm


4 mana leak

3 daze

4 careful study

3 deep analysis


11 forest

11 island


Sideboard :

waterfront bouncers maybe?





This deck plays like a regular madness deck with werebears instead of arrogant wurms.

The werebears become 4/4 when treshold is achieved, and they help with the mana for the roar of the wurms.

2 quiet speculaton get you the roars and they help with treshold too.

3 daze and 4 manaleaks help you to stay in control.



Ronald Groenstege