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From: Joseph [mailto:orphan_of_light@myway.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 9:57 AM

Subject: No lands for you!! Joseph Cassaro t2

The idea of the deck is to deal a heavy blow to the other player were it counts, rob them of their lands! What type of deck can stand a four-fifth turn compleat robbing of land?!? Sure you may ask how is it possible to rip-off all the other players land so swiftly. That is something I too found my self asking till one day while sitting at home, going through my cards like I always do that I came across erdaicate: Remove target creature from the came and all cards with the same name as the creature. Well then came my next problem, "How do I get their lands to become a creature?" Soilshaper to the rescue. (soilshaper: whenever you play a sprit or arcane spell target land becomes a 3/3 creature untill end of turn.) After looking through the rest of my cards I found some useful arcane spells and other good creatures. Then I was faced with one last problem with the deck...How do I defend my self that is were all the cheep one drop and 3/3/3 Three casting for a three three came into play.

4 soilshaper
4 tap root kami
4 grnaled mass
4 orochi sustainers
3 nezuma shadow watcher
4 nezuma ronin
3 takenuma bleeder

4 horbis whisper (too clear off any cearutres the other play may have gotten to the field)
4 eradicate
4 kodomas reach
4 kodomas might
3 swallowing plague

Ok with the list out of the way, we move on to how it works, after your second turn you should have out at least a one drop and a soilshaper. if you have these then you are looking good. Turn three use a reach to get the last bit of land, then finaly you untap and put the fith land car into play..Here is the trick. Play Kodoms might, make their land a three/ three then ZAP! it with eradicate...Hehe you have effectivly taken all your oppents lands from them by four-fifth turn!!! If you fail to due this to them, you always have your swalling plague to fall back on.
Mind you this deck has had limited play, I find that the concept is fairly swift and rather rude to others.

Joseph Cassaro


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