From: James Fitz-Gerald []


This deck is what i built and call the LUMBER MILL, it is type 2' It is designed in mind to get big stompy green creatures out quickly, or use the jugan counters to make the tornado Really REALLY big, swarm with the forests with the rude, if you dont like jugan you could use the black dragon instead and tooth for 2 of those in stead

and deal 10 direct. the sideboard is artifact hate heavy because i seem to get a lot of affinity matchups so......... the deck was originally built for fun but became serious as we got thinking about it.

try it if you want and tell me how it works and suggest changes you think would be good




4 wood elves

4 Sakura tribe elders

4 tangle golems

4 eternal witness

3 Kodama of the north tree

2 plated slagwurms

2 jugan, the rising star

3 tornado elementals


Other spells


2 natures will

4 reap and sow

2 rude awakening

2 tooth and nail




24 forests



4 oxidize

4 creeping mold

3 revive

2 fecundity

2 plow under