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From: calvin jenkins [mailto:calvinj@alltel.net]
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 10:07 PM

Subject: Jason's Snake and Nail Deck Type2

Hello my name is Jason and my deck is a Type2 deck and here is the list


4xShizuko, Caller of Autumn

3xSosuke, Son of Seshiro

3xSachi, Daughter of Seshiro

4xOrochi Ranger

4xOrochi Sustainer

3xKashi-Tribe Reaver

1xSundering Titan

1xPatron of the Orochi

1xSeshiro the Anointed


1xMephidross Vampire

1xMyojin of Life's Web

1xDarksteel Colossus


4xHeartbeat of Spring

4xKodama's Reach

4xTooth and Nail




1xGemini Engine


4xSakura-Tribe Elder

2xTime of Need


2xWear Away

2xOrochi Hatchery

This is a deck I am calling Snake and Nail Well the deck is simple you use the snakes for chump blocking and mana acceleration for Tooth and Nail. Then you can get your big guys out. The reason I chose snakes and the Heartbeat of spring is I love the snakes they are very versitile and have some good tricks with son, daughter, dad, and patron and the spring is cheaper mana cost wise than Vernal Bloom. This is my deck. Thank you Jason email is calvinj@alltel.net

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